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Learning Languages

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This is a quite primer on how you might go about learning a new language on Unknown Shores.

Learning a language costs a base of 3000 Productivity, and you must have a reasonable means with which to learn the language you are attempting to learn.

Teachers (Individuals who already know the language) may also contribute their productivity which is doubled for the sake of their contribution to your learning but they may only spend a maximum of 500 productivity helping you. (Meaning you will get a benefit of 1000 Productivity towards your efforts.)

In addition the table below lists races and languages that offer a discount for various reasons of 500 flat. (Though they can be stacked for a maximum benefit of 1K if you meet multiple criteria.) If you know the highlighted language, you get a 500 productivity discount on the referred languages. Likewise, if you are of the highlighted race in the list below, you get a 500 productivity discount on the referred languages. 

Use the Discord Ticket system to begin learning at any time!
(contact-staff channel on Discord)

- Language Based - 
Dwarvish - Gutterspeak*
Gutterspeak* - Thalassian, Dwarvish
Thalassian - Darnassian, Gutterspeak*
Darnassian - Thalassian
Draeneic - Eredun

- Race Based -
Gnome - Dwarvish
Goblin - X
Dwarf - Gnomish
Forsaken - Gilnean
Blood Elf - X
Human - Gilnean, Gutterspeak*
Orc - Zandalari, Taurahe
Night Elf - Gilnean, Taurahe
Troll - Taurahe
Pandaran - X
Worgen - Darnassian
Draenei - X
Tauren - Darnassian, Zandalari

*AKA Undercommon, Forsaken

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