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On Unknown Shores we have several positions, the Council, Helpers and Stewards, Keepers and Dungeon Masters. The Council are admins, Helpers and Stewards are the main moderators and game masters and the Keepers and Dungeon Masters are those who wish to host events and storylines. You can find descriptions of what we all do below as well as information on how to apply if you wish to help out. Important to remember is that we all follow the policies outlined in the server rules, should you discover that a member of the staff team are breaking these rules please contact a member of the Council immediately. 


The Council

The Council are the head of the server, currently it consists of Varen, Vrahn, Axis48 and Nostra. If you are having trouble that cannot be addressed by a Helper you are welcome to contact any of us, programming or bug related questions are best suited for the two Vs as they are best equipped to deal with it, if you are confused by the RPG then Axis48 most likely knows how to help you. Otherwise, there are no special assignments within the Council and we all help out with what we can to keep the server running smoothly. 



Your job as a Helper should be obvious from the name, you're there to help people. Specifically you are there when someone needs help in-game, if they encounter a bug, need help navigating the RPG or get in a OOC conflict with another player. You are the support and moderator of the server, as such you will be there to ensure people do not abuse systems or their peers but perhaps the most important task is to keep the atmosphere on the server welcoming. 



Communication within the community is vital to the server, both on the forums and on Discord. Your job is to keep it civil and to help newcomers get oriented. In terms of moderation you use the community rules as a guide to keep the server a place people want to spend their free time. A lot of the work is to simply direct discussions to the right forum and remind people to keep a civil tone. You are also there to greet newcomers and show them the ropes, point them to guides, guilds, Discord and so on.


Dungeon Master

Being a Dungeon Master is not a full-time job, instead you become one for the duration of a planned event or storyline. Anyone is welcome to try their hand and we encourage you to give it a shot at least once. As a DM you will have all the in-game permissions necessary to host RP sessions, be it a dungeon crawl or a religious rite. Your 'tenure' as a DM will last as long as you need it to, if you need a week or two to prepare for an event, you will have that time and enough to clean up afterwards. Anyone who wishes to host a storyline needs to go through this process, be they a member of staff or a player. 

If you wish to host an event or storyline you will need to make an outline of what it is you wish to do, if you like you can even do it with a friend or two and share the workload. Think of this as the preparation a DM does before a Pen&Paper session. When you have your outline you post it to the Scriptorium forum, don't worry only you and the Council can see your post, and unless there is any clashes with other events or lore you will be given access to a Dungeon Master account. If there are any issues with the outline we'll help you sort it out. A few examples of outlines can be found in the post below but do not be afraid to innovate and make your own template, they do not need to be elaborate, it is only there to give us an idea of what you are doing and if you were to unexpectedly disappear (accidents happen. . .) we can carry on based on that information. 

Outline Examples:



Making the world feel alive is a tough job and one that requires a bit of commitment, the Keepers are those who wish to be there to provide encounters and world interactions for our adventurers. Maybe a Keeper observes a party of scavengers rummage through a lair of some beast or other, they make a cub appear and play out the interaction with the scavengers. Or they post a bounty on the noticeboard for a dread bandit, our adventurers take up the hunt. Or some old bum is playing dice outside the bar, betting a few silver, maybe cheating or just lucky, a few adventurers play a game or two. Interactions like these are the work of the Keepers. 

As a Keeper you have equal access to in-game permissions as a Dungeon Master but rather than a storyline-limited you are a Keeper for three months after which you are welcome to either step back and focus on your own adventures or keep your role for another three months. 


If you wish to join the team and help run the server, post the application below in the Staff Contact forum

Mind that Dungeon Masters have a separate application process detailed in their description above.


  • Age:
  • Characters played:
  • Discord Tag:
  • What timezone do you live in:
  • When do you usually play:
  • What role do you want to have:
  • Have you ever been a staff member for a server or RP community before; If so, where and when:
  • Please tell us a little about yourself:
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