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[Projects] The Extent of the Alliance

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Location: The Doldrums

Players / factions currently involved: Timothy (New Moonbrook)

Type of project: Construction / Politics


Project number two related to New Moonbrook.


With Alliance influence slowly but surely spreading throughout the Doldrums, the time has come for the once-fledgling settlement to consider its political influence throughout the land and this will come in the form of constructing embassies in the major settlements across the Doldrums.

These embassies will operate very much in a similar light to how most modern day embassies will:

  • Hosting dignitaries for meetings, meals and general gatherings to foster relationships between the Alliance and the host faction.
  • Acting as Alliance territory within said settlements to allow extradition (if nessecary) of criminals or those who consider themselves falsely accused of other crimes.
  • Recruitment centres for the Alliance
  • Hotpoints for political interaction be it prisoner exchanges or trade deal certifications.

And more!


Each embassy will consist of and require the following as a bare minimum:

  • Permission for construction from the relevant faction
  • Structure extent (and Alliance territorial markers) specified
  • X2 Guards
  • X1 Ambassador (player or NPC)
  • Embassay meeting room
  • Lobby
  • Kitchen
  • Armoury
  • Panic room
  • Lodgings for 6 individuals
  • Architectural styles unique to the host settlement


This project will, as with The Baron's Highway be 100% architect built and the only staff presence needed will be for permissions acquired from factions led by NPCs. Otherwise it'll be down to the political machinations of players who run factions.


Conversely this thread is intended to track, log and observe the progress of Alliance embassies operated by New Moonbrook. Should any individual wish to build an embassy of their own within New Moonbrook territory 

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