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Unknown Shores Time Zones

Unknown Shores Time Zones  

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Hi one and all.


As one of your resident event monkeys (both as a player and as a DM) one of the more frustrating elements of running events is working out when to put them on.

Many of us here on Unknown Shores come from some, frankly, quite wild time zones which makes it difficult for people to attend events. A solution to this could be simply asking people what time zone they are in however this takes up far too much time and isn't exactly easy to quantify that information to work out what 'peak' hours generally are and what suits people's busy lives.


As such i've decided to slap this poll up to try and work out what time zones people are in and when they would prefer events to be typically held. This is for several reasons:


  1. To allow maximum event attendance and to see if anyone is being 'left behind' to fall through the cracks.
  2. For staff to potentially use to find out from what time zones they might want to recruit additional staff like storytellers etc
  3. To work out when is best to set event times for
  4. To work out when 'peak' RP times are so people can synchronize to get together for more RP be it social or combat.


The first option is naturally a single choice however the second one is a multi-choice question

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