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[Event] The Clan Calls

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Where: Meet at the Flamespire Bastion (adjacent to Haven)

When: Saturday 29th Feb (19:00 server-time)

Who: Anyone on a neutral-or-above reputation with the Flamespire Clan

Event Type: Social

GM Assistance: None required (unless wishing to DM NPCs who want to be Doldrosh)


Within the thick blackness of the night rainfall began to pitter-patter down upon the joint settlements of Haven and the Flamespire Bastion, some of its settlers went inside but many continued to work and toil into the night.

Mystics and shaman sought prophecies in the flames of bonfires, grunts stood guard at the gates and tested each other's feats of strength to pass the time whilst Elven scouts stood atop the walls eyeing the jungle canopy and floor for any bestial threats which might beset the clan's domain.


Within one of the huts, the aging pyremaster Gruk Charrbone wrapped up Jorrog's preserved body in linens soaked in ointments and preservatives, part of his duty as one who cares for the dead.

Afterwards he adorned the scout in his leather harness over the linens and placed his bow upon his chest before positioning his arms so that his hands may clasp the stave of the bow.


He looked on with a sigh, in the corner of the hut were a number of other belongings to those who had passed away or simply disappeared;

Tsolvia's staff lay in the corner. Bloodfury had left it on the peak yet the aging shaman had taken it with him during the Orc's exodus.

Drok'thul's club. It was the only thing left of the Bastion's possessions that the fierce warrior had once had.

And that tabard... he lay in the darkness at the back glooming. The shaman knew not what it was... a portent of evil omens? Or a sigil of hope?


He walked forward and unveiled it, that crimson red colour and the Horde's symbol on it stood out as a stark reminder of what the clan had been through.


He looked out the entrance of the hut outside, the glow of the tavern and the revelry from in belays the presence of Jorrog's body laying there lifeless.


The shaman grunts to himself lowly


"Time for a new Doldrosh to lead the clan."



Ahoy folks


It's been enough time to finally put this event up

As many of you know, following the Long March event a few weeks ago whereby the entire Flamespire Clan upped-sticks and left the peak of Grom'Goshar to the safety of Haven.

This marked the end of the Flamespire Clan as a player-led guild and the longest running and most active Horde guild on the server.


That having been said, to paraphrase a certain Lordaeronian member of royalty:


"There must always be... *thunder strike* a Lich King Doldrosh"


To-whit this social event will include the following-


  1. A funeral ceremony.

    This funeral ceremony is to commemorate the loss of several members of the clan. First and foremost is the most recent death of the scout known as Jorrog who was one of two named combat NPCs who were part of the clan, he fell to a Sotoran knight's blade on the exodus to Haven (said knight remains in the clan's custody)

    The funeral also is to commemorate the loss of Tsolvia, Drok'thul and Dragor Bloodfury. Tsolvia fell at the hands  of (supposedly) enraged water elementals who drowned her to death. Drok'thul and Bloodfury ended up retiring from the server and so their characters are MIA / presumed dead.

  2. Namings for the Doldrosh.

    This is the first step to what will likely be (based on past appointments of Doldroshes) a long and fairly drawn out process through which candidates for the title of Dolrosh (and ultimate rulership of the clan) put their names forward to be selected as leaders. In the past this has been exclusively players and whilst the staff stress they would prefer for player candidates to be the ones put forward chances are it may fall to an NPC given the lack of Horde players / potential candidates. We'll play it by the IC ear. Ultimately though this is not the -start- of the trials, these are but people putting forward their names to the Pyremaster so that their trials may be sorted out. As a new element to these trials, candidates may be able to select their own 'champions' to act in their steads to perform tasks so as to get the rest of the server involved with the appointment of a prestigious position which may have long lasting political consequences (for better or for worse) for the server.

  3. State of the Clan

    This will effectively be a 'where the clan is now and what we're doing'. Effectively due to the lack of Horde players it will be a chance for folks to basically get their hands on a lot of epic and legendary gear which has been gathering dust in the Grom'Goshar chest in exchange for completing certain quests.



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