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[Event] Fight for the Landing

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Where: Meet at the shores of Kolai (Haytham's Memorial)

When: Thursday 27th of Febuary. 8pm server-time.

Who: Anyone on a non-hostile level with Haven or New Moonbrook

Event Type: NPC clearance

GM Assistance: Required


In the distance of Kolai the sound of laughter can be heard as the bandits who now occupy Haytham's Landing laugh in revalry over their new territory.

Little do they know in the distance they are being observed. Not by any of the Razorbranch who now lay deceased on the isle nor by the non-existant wildlife in the same state.


Staring through his scope, Baron West surveys the encampment from the top of the temple upon Kolai counting their numbers with his hat by his side and a flask of brandy at hand.

Nearby several of the Stormwind marines who served with Sergeant Jeremy Thorne erect a small 'encampment' of sorts to establish a 'listening post' to observe Haytham's Landing.

The irony wasn't lost on the baron, the need to have a listening post to observe an outpost he had begun construction on so as to make sure Kolai didn't fall into the wrong hands... but at least it somewhat kicked the hive and brought these honorless thugs out from hiding.


Just as one of the marines starts to get out a flint steel the Baron turns sharply and shakes his head


"No fires, soldier. Can't risk having your position exposed. Remain up here and keep noise to an absolute minimum and light to even less. I want active reports on their movements and numbers and if anything changes. You've got enough rations to last you until the attack commences."


The soldiers nod in response and go about their duties of preparing their small encampment as the Baron adjusts the sights on his rifle... it could be so easy to pick off the loudmouth and gobby one at this distance, lit up like a winter's veil tree as he brags something to his fellow thieves around the campfire... but not now... to do so would only alert the rest...


"Bid your time hunter... and wait..."


Event Objectives:

Main Objectives:

  • IconSmall_Varian.gif?version=450a31d29c5 Reclaiming what was taken

Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Reclaim Haytham's Landing either by killing off the bandits who have taken it over, imprisoning them, or chasing them away.


Bonus Objectives:

  • IconSmall_Vanessa.gif?version=c9b6788a87 Interrogation time

Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Capture at least one bandit to be taken to Haven for questioning


  • IconSmall_EdwinVanCleef.gif?version=5e18 Leader of the pack

Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Kill or capture the leader of the bandit group if they appear


  • Icon-lookingglass.png?version=7faa281e92 Seeking motive

Undone.gif?version=ab2fae0a81756dfc66a8d Find clues to ascertain information as to the bandit's affiliation and reasoning for attack





Welcome all

This is an NPC clearance event for Haytham's Landing.


For those new to the server, following Haytham's utter annihilation of the Razorbranch Trolls (bar those such as Sal'do who took over Drustgarde) the island was rendered absolutely desolate.

Baron West took advantage of this and led a small skeleton crew of his own soldiers from New Moonbrook to establish an outpost there to watch over Kolai lest it fall into the wrong hands.


Not too long after, the outpost came under attack by bandits who fortunately didn't kill any of the soldiers but West's men were forced to retreat to Haven where they recovered.


Now with bandits controlling Kolai, there are no friendly eyes from any of the other factions in the Doldrums watching the previous home of the Razorbranch Trolls that could quite easily fall into the hands of any of the malicious groups within the Doldrums.


It is worth pointing out at this stage that should the event go ahead with moderate success, this will lead to the follow up event which got shelved due to the bandit incursion:





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