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[Event] The Long March

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Where: Meet at the base of Grom'Goshar (Tower bonfire)

When: Friday 7th Feb. 20:00 server-time.

Who: Tordala. Anyone on a neutral-or-above relationship with Grom'Goshar (PM if unsure)

Event Type: NPC escort

GM Assistance: Non confirmed yet. Required.


Deep into the flickering night of the jungles of Opej, the central peak of the isle was alight with flame backlit by the eerie glow emenating from the peak's lava pits.

Bonfires and torchlight dotted the side of the mountain like a rash of fireflies. Those of the isle who would gather materials and hunt on the eastern side of the peak (amidst the bandit outbreak) would hear the sound of smithing well into unsociable hours, heavy drinking as well as warriors practicing fighting each other in the fighting ring.


But all of this would soon change.


By now many would be aware of a number of rather dubious letters left at Grom'Goshar beyond the signs of its elven rangers or troll spearthrowers seemingly delivering threats from beyond the grave;

Opej the Awakened.

Doubly threatening would be various parts of the Orcish warlock once known dearly to the clan as Zorku. His head and one of his limbs have been recovered and yet each letter seems to grow more demanding from the mutated beast Opej Ogrecrush who has laid his claim on Opej'nor and demands that the peak, the island's highest point, be his throne.

Normally this would not deter the steely will of the Sin'dorei, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and more upon the peak however a vision from their Doldrosh Dragor Bloodfury revealed that Opej Ogrecrush would assault the peak in a final confrontation with Bloodfury who saw the clan's champions dead at his feet... all but him who desired nothing more than his warrior's death.

With the clan's champions and its Doldrosh either dead or missing, it has fallen upon the now-aging pyremaster Gruk Charrbone to secure the future of the Flamespire Clan.

Aching and crippled with age, the elderly shaman is no match for Opej's forces and the twilight's hammer who he seems to have sided with. Even the peak's advantageous ascent would be folly as the clan has no champions to rally behind.

But with Tsolvia's death there is somewhat of a silver lining. Bloodfury's vision saw her perish upon the peak with the other champions of the clan and only Bloodfury survived. With Bloodfury and Drok'thul missing and Tsolvia having fallen at the hands of rampaging water elementals, it is clear now to the wrinkled farseer that this prophecy can be subverted.

The bulky peon by the name of 'Pik' had already begun dismantling the settlement wagon by wagon to be relocated to near Haven. The farseer has made an arrangement with Baron West that the Orcs and their kin will be granted safe passage by the southern edge of New Moonbrook's walls provided there is no clear hostility displayed.


The worrying bit comes from the bandits that now plague eastern Opej'nor... and worse still the Orcish warlord's forces themselves should they decide to attack the clan.


Warhorns sound from the peak, not to signify battle but a calling... a summoning.


Event Objectives

Main Objectives:

  • IconSmall_Rend.gif?version=903d50de9bf24 Bloodfury's Legacy

Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Successfully ensure that the Flamespire Clan's combatants from Grom'Goshar reach the new den in Haven with at least 5 combatants (warriors, shamans, scouts etc) surviving.


Bonus Objectives:

  • IconSmall_Hozen.gif?version=50d75c7f0032 Ook the Dooker

Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Have the Knucklebranch Hozen make it to Haven without a single Hozen killed.


  • 24px-IconSmall_OrcBrown_Male.gif?version You have my bow

Unsure.gif?version=25551c1858cf272fc5312 Ensure Jorrog the scout survives.


  • 24px-IconSmall_Tauren_Male.gif?version=a AND MY AXE

Done.gif?version=70b805c1bf4457f0c069a47 Ensure Stone Guard Tuhruk survives




 Hi folks

This is an event open to almost all players on the server who have had at least a basic interaction with the Flamespire Clan and even newbies who wish to get involved!

Event details are as above, it is worth noting that many have already been approached with helping the clan and I will take this chance to point out that as the Flamespire Clan will, after this event, cease to operate as a player guild that there are some very lucrative rewards for those who successfully help the clan with reaching Haven.

In addition to this, whilst the Flamespire Clan will no longer operate as a -player- venture for the time being (due to the departure of many of the Horde players), the clan will likely continue to live on as an NPC faction. One of Gruk's final tasks will be to appoint a new Doldrosh. 


Any questions don't hesitate to drop me a message on discord (dascombe) or even a PM here on the forums :)

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