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[Event] The Grand Haven Market I

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Where: Haven Market Square (in front of Daydra's shop)

When: Saturday 11th January 21:00-23:00 server-time.

Who: Anyone currently not banned from Haven

Event Type: Merchant / Economy / Social

GM Assistance: Not required unless they wish to DM NPCs wanting to buy goods.



A crier would make their way around the Doldrums from High Hearth and Grom'Goshar to Tordala and Hafthor's Keep bearing the colours of New Moonbrook yet upon their arm would be a band bearing the colours of Haven


"To the esteemed denizens of the Doldrums!
By decree of Baron West of New Moonbrook and bearing the authority from Matron Mel of Haven there is to be held a Grand Market within the township of Haven! This shall be upon the 11th day of January at 9 tolls of the bell in the evening!

Those wishing to attend will be required to pay a fee of ten silver pieces upon entry to the market and a sum of 25 silver pieces should they wish to erect a stall, all proceeds from this venture shall go towards the people of Sotoras currently residing in Haven who have lost much at the hands of the vile Razorbranch Trolls!

Unless merchants already own or rent a spot within the marketplace, a plot shall be put aside for the duration of the market with attendees bringing their own stall.

It is required that any who wish to set up a stall for such an occasion should contact Baron West with details such as who shall be manning the stall and what goods are to be plied!

Any questions of the occassion should also be directed to the Baron!"


After his announcement, the crier would roll up the parchment he read from before making his way to the next town with a pair of burly guardsmen flanking him.




Ahoy folks


A nice new-year's event to get you all into the swing of things and encourage some mercantile RP.

The event is being held at Haven's marketplace: 




Those wishing to set up stalls are required to drop me a PM either via the forum or through discord with who is running the stall and what is being sold.

Please please please try to focus on something special rather than just being a junkyard salesmen trying to make a quick few silver off any old crap you have in  your bags, i'd strongly advise either using one of the existing RPG professions or perhaps even Gryphonheart Items (the blue backpack icon on your screen) if you are competant with it.

Those wishing to attend as merchant you will be granted a designated plot and you'll be allowed to come decorate it as you see fit on the day of the event so you've got hours beforehand. If you already have an arrangement with Mel to rent a plot there then you may do so as and when you see fit (as Tim has done in the above screenshot)

The event entry fee is 10 silver for attendees and 25 for those pitching a stall with all proceeds to be donated to the Sotorans after the event.


Any questions, drop me a line!

- Dasc

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List of Stalls-


24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Baron West's Opej Charcuterie

  • Vendor Type - Food
  • The legendary hunter himself will be on hand throughout the day selling food made from creatures roaming the lands of Opej'nor! Got the hankering for some bandicoon sausages? How about some sharptooth raptor pâté? There will be something for every budding carnivore be they simply wishing to put on a feast to impress or seeking food capable of rejuvenating and restoring vitality and fatigue! Samples will also be available!
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Given the presence of 'preexisting' market stalls at the market, the first FOUR (bar Timothy West who has his own) vendors to book their places at the market will be granted usage of one of the plots bearing a stall already.

Folks who get one of these stalls are more than welcome to add architect objects to them for the market day as long as, with the others, they are cleared out after the event.

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