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[Haven] Gift Cart

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Another sunrise brought up another surprise. This one for Haven.

With the darkness cleared out, it didn't take too long for the guards of the town to notice a seemingly abandoned, loaded cart by the east wall and not far from the Baron's Highway. It came with two barrels loaded and a straightforward note:

"For the denizens of Haven. I hope this helps. - Sir Alistair Roux"

The contents? A hundred meat shanks and a hundred pieces of leather ready to be turned into clothing.

There are some that could find such a "gift" rather suspicious, especially when it is evidently coming from a Death Knight, one not on great terms with Haven on top of it all. Further examination of any kind would find nothing wrong or malicious with the items. There are no traces of poison, dark magic, any magic and etc. The meat is well and still fresh, burried in salt within the barrel. The leather; one of satisfactory quality.

All in all, it checks out that this is truly nothing more or less than what it implies or claims to be - a gift. One of good will, perhaps? It could very well be a form of gratitude for the bounty that was just recently lifted. Maybe there's a deeper political agenda at play, as well. No one knows, not yet, but the denizens of Haven have just gotten less hungrier and a bit warmer.



I'm going to give the meat shanks and layered leathers to Mel, unless a staff member wants to approach me and obtain them.



sir alistair roux was here
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