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[New Moonbrook] Hanged Bandits

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As soon as the sun rose over Opej'Nor, the denizens of New Moonbrook were greeted by a troubling, to say the least, sight.

It all started with a woman's scream. An ordinary citizen just out the gates to pick up some flowers. Throughout all the commotion and guards running out to her aid, something more than fauna was discovered. The entire treeline by the east wall of the settlement was riddled with hanging bodies. Roughly two dozen of them.

Further investigation determined the victims to be some of the bandits that plagued the Baron's Highway. It also judged that all of them died in horrible pains. Someone went out of their way in order not to grant these men and women an easy way out. All of them with multiple wounds scattered all over their bodies from blunt hits, slashing and piercing. Some missing fingers, a leg or an arm. Each one however, missing an ear. A long sword was likely the weapon of choice, despite the brutal manner it was used in.

None has yet come forth to claim some of the bounty that New Moonbrook had put up for said bandits, although "eyewitnesses" speak of seeing "glowing blue dots" in the dark a couple of hours earlier. Either way, someone or something put up quite the effort in order to evidently send a message on the town's behalf.

sir alistair roux was here
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