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[Event] Catching Curious Critters

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Where: Opej'nor (meet at Haven garrison)

When: Sunday 8th March, 19:00 server time.

Who: Anyone except those affiliated with Kolai, Sotoras or the Twilight's Hammer.

Event Type: NPC Capture

GM Assistance: Can be done without GM assistance. GM's able to observe / make requests for RPG checks if needed.



It has been nearly two weeks since a blinding flash was visible from the Razorbranch home of Kolai, those who scurried over to the island found naught but silence from a land now devoid of life.

Slowly but surely it would become apparent to his many friends and allies of Haytham's sacrifice to wipe out one of the greatest threats to life in the Doldrums but in doing so the land has been rendered barren and lifeless. Those who arrived found scenes of trolls, raptors, panthers and all manner of aquatic life stuck in a state of suspended decay. Neither 'dead' nor seemingly 'alive' but at the same time unreviveable by conventional means.

It would seem though that the settlement of New Moonbrook have taken advantage of the opportunity presented to them and set up 'Haytham's Landing' as an outpost upon the isle to watch it for other more hostile opportunists.

The problem is, although they are able to rely upon fish for sustenance and occasional supply drops by Baron West himself, there are no beasts to hunt and no herbivores of any sort. Although many would be quick to dismiss their importance, the wildlife upon Kolai kept overgrowth of vegetation in check whilst the predators ensured that the herbivores did not decimate the local flora.


Perhaps Haytham may have been overzealous in his actions? Who can judge what the man's thoughts were at the time or his motivations, what was done was done and it was up to those who survived to live up to the governor's legacy.


Amidst a large gathering of hunters, trappers and rangers in Haven, the Baron stands atop a podium to address the crowd


"All you who have gathered here, hear me out: Kolai, whilst open for the collection of resources, is barren! Hunting there is moot for there is naught to hunt! As honor-bound hunters it is our moral duty to solve this dilemma!

Therefore, as soon as the siege of Drustgarde is over, I invite you all to participate in a grand hunt of sorts for what many would call 'mediocre' beasts; bandicoons, deer, lizards and more! We'll repopulate Kolai firstly with the more docile beasts of the land to allow them time to repopulate the isle before ultimately capturing some far more hunt-worthy predators and reintroducing them to Kolai!


We shall make it, once more, a hunter's paradise!"


The Baron grins, many of the hunters seem confused at the idea of incapacitating beasts rather than outright killing them. Although some seem concerned with how they do this, many others seem to light up in joy at the idea of a new hunting experience!


Event Objectives:

Main Objective:

  • IconSmall_Chicken.gif?version=9b11147fdd Critter Conundrum

Capture at least 150 herbivores in total for transport to Kolai


Bonus Objectives:

  • IconSmall_Raccoon.gif?version=7ad70ae71b The Bandits of Kolai?

Capture at least 30 Stripetail Bandicoons for transport to Kolai

Capture at least 30 Spiked Lizard for transport to Kolai

  • IconSmall_Moth.gif?version=d81a7db9c1652 Behold: MOTHRA

Capture at least 4 moths for transport to Kolai

  • IconSmall_Deer.gif?version=f707be861e82c Doe...a deer... a female deer

Capture at least 10 deer (does) for transport to Kolai

  • IconSmall_Stag.gif?version=92b4b6cab0f12 A 12-pointer!

Capture at least 10 deer (stags) for transport to Kolai

  • IconSmall_Monkey.gif?version=0594265752d Bananna Control

Capture at least 10 Opej'nor monkeys for transport to Kolai

  • IconSmall_Direhorn.gif?version=29ceebe70 The Big One

Capture a breeding pair of Direhorn for transport to Kolai

  • Questionmark-mini.png?version=a7806c395c Capturing the Unknown

Capture a previously unseen species of herbivore from Opej to relocate to Kolai*


*This one requires the event to have a GM monitor.







Hi guys

As many of you may know by now, Kolai is lifeless bar a handful of New Moonbrook troops and a rather troublesome warlock hiding there.

With absolutely zero wildlife hanging around there, i'm willing to bet that its only a matter of time before the staff swoop in and remove all those tasty hunting nodes that many of us like to use our trapping skill on to acquire Soft Material.

As a result the idea of this event is a two-parter. The first one will involve gathering herbivores and other critters from Opej'nor (and possibly the Isle of Menhirs) and relocating them to Kolai. Once this has been done there will be time given for them to repopulate and grow on the isle before another event is hosted where we take over some bigger more predatory animals over to control the herbivore population effectively making Kolai self-sufficient;

The herbivores are kept in check by the predator population and the predator population will not be able to overgrow based on the herbivore population.

Due to the nature of current BBEG's, this event will not take place until the Siege of Drustgarde has reached a conclusion.

Edited by Dascombe
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Although the siege of Drustgarde has been concluded, rumours would begin to circle that although the Baron wishes the isle of Kolai repopulated with wildlife, it seems that he is hesitant to do so whilst Haytham's Landing lies under bandit control.


Those wishing to aid should consider the Baron's current bounty on this bandit group.

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Event confirmed for SUNDAY coming at 19:00 server-time! 150 animals is a lot so be prepared for this to potentially be a two-parter if it goes on for too long!

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