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New Moonbrook

[Event] The Last Spike

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Where: The Baron's Highway between Haven and New Moonbrook

When: Wednesday 2nd October 19:30 server-time.

Who: Friends and allies of Haven / New Moonbrook

Event Type: Social

GM Assistance: Brief (single object moving)


Following the initial discussion of the construction of what would be dubbed 'The Baron's Highway', it would seem that the first segment to be constructed would be between the settlement of New Moonbrook and Haven.

This track-way allowing wagons, carts and other means of transport not suited to the uneven jungle ground to move easily will now allow for ease of trade between the two settlements and later ones when the highway makes its way around Opej'nor.

As part of this, a ceremony is to be held with dignitaries from Haven and New Moonbrook to celebrate the completion of the first segment of the highway. The main element of this ceremony is to compose of the hammering of the 'final spike', a solid gold carpentry nail to signify the official opening of the highway and the symbolic connection between the neutral and alliance settlements.


Of course, no ceremony of this caliber is complete without alcohol, music, merriment and food! So an open invitation is expressed to all friends, allies and neutral trading partners of both New Moonbrook and Haven to attend the ceremony.





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