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Settlement Rules

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Settlements are hubs of activity and large groups of people living and working together daily. For a player created, and run settlement, however, we have a few guidelines one must adhere to. 

  • Settlements require at least three active players. Settlements established before this post's original date are exempt from this. You must also have 4 worker NPCs, and 3 Guard NPCs at the least. 
  • Settlements must have at least one active player within 45 days. If there is no player activity in the settlement leadership roles, it will default into the Keeper Team's hands. Players will be unable to step right back in and take their previous positions in a settlement after being inactive for 45 days. 
  • The form below must be filled out. You can post it publicly, or in a private section of the forums. This is the bulk of the criteria, as it is information the keeper team needs to be able to handle your settlement at all. 

Settlement Name:


Leader Positions and Powers:

(A settlement needs a set location. Pictures can be used.)

Important NPCs: (Named NPCs)

Population: (All NPCs in the settlement)

NPC Distribution: (This is what NPCs are assigned or doing what in the settlement.)

Laws: (What behavior are NPCs and players who live/visit expected to follow? What is the punishment for breaking it? This is needed for the keeper team to enforce a guard’s role in the settlement.)

Housing: (This works off beds, rather then buildings. Bedding must be provided for NPCs, this can be done in a 1:1 ratio, or in 'shifts' meaning one bed can handle 3 NPCs if they take 'shifts' sleeping.)

Care: (What is set up for NPCs to handle surviving? Are there places for them to buy food? Or must they hunt, gather and cook for themselves? Is there a bathhouse? Are there roads or a bunch of hostile NPCs around?)


Once all criteria is met, a member of the keeper team will give the thumbs up to settlement status.

This means NPCs may be given their own generic dialogue, quest and merchant NPCs may move in, aswell as some unique ones. You will also be given your own guild tag and such. Beyond this, there are not many 'benefits' for making a settlement, other then for the joy and desire to create RP around it. Keep in mind, NPCs are their own characters, and they may come and go from your settlement normally. 

Some of this criteria may change, depending on server population and major changes to the server.

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