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[Project] The Baron's Highway

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Location: Opej'nor 

Players / factions currently involved: Timothy (New Moonbrook)

Type of project: Construction


Fairly simple (albeit costly) project, the idea is to begin construction on what will become known as the 'Baron's Highway'. Although it won't be a road in the Goblin sense of something you can go drag racing down, it'll be a wooden pathway effectively making a large circuit around Opej'nor. The intended path is as follows:




On this map are the following:

White blob - Haven

Blue blob - New Moonbrook

Brown blob - Hafthor's Keep

Turquoise blob - Egtown

Yellow blob - Zan'watha Embassy

Orange blob - Flamespire Clan

Green Blob - Drustgarde

Purple blob - Wizard's Enclave

Red Blob - High Hearth


The path will start from New Moonbrook and head east in a clockwise motion through the thick of the jungle and form a crossroads halfway to the point where it'll split off in a cross towards both Grom'Goshar (specifically: mag'gol) and Drustgarde. From here it will head south skirting around the pond and giving a wide berth to the Tyrant Queen before heading uphill towards the Wizard's Sanctum path. It will diverge here and head up a steep slope constructed from a wooden staircases and fortified so that it doesn't rot all the way up to High Hearth. At this point the projected route would  be along through the western jungle however due to the swarm being there currently that part will take a bit of a delay in construction. Once safe to do so the route will join up with Haven on its western side.


The project will be 100% architect-built and as such will require a metric fucktonne of rugged timber. If anyone wishes to donate to this project they are able to as either individuals or factions. Those who donate SUBSTANTIAL amounts of timber to it will have segments of the highway named after either them or their faction depending on what is discussed with Tim ICly.


The plan will be to predominantly make use of the X8 rugged timber road planks in the construction plans as the bulk of this however lighting will also be required as will foundations for any tricky bits of terrain and staircase elements which are reinforced for more uphill parts of it. The ultimate aim for this is for people to be able to get a wagon to circulate the entirity of Opej'nor without encountering difficult terrain as well as giving a route by which factions can patrol with their guards. Who knows, in the future there may even be neutral 'rest stops' along this route and it may also provide an anchor point for any future settlements to build up to.


Although this is a player initiative done through architect, if anyone wishes for this to be world edited in and do the legwork, do give me a shout as it would be nice to get the major contributors to this road in on such for suggestions.

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Segments of Baron's Highway Completed-

New Moonbrook <---> Egtown (Unnamed)

New Moonbrook <--->  Haven (First Step Road)

New Moonbrook <---> Zan'Watha Embassy (Unnamed)

Zanwatha Embassy <---> 'Bloodfury's Crossing' (Unnamed)

New Moonbrook <---> 'Bloodfury's Crossing' (Unnamed)

'Bloodfury's Crossing' <---> Meredith's Tower (Unnamed)

Haven <---> Shimmerpond Village (Unnamed)

In Progress

Meredith's Tower <---> High Hearth (Bridge)

Shimmerpond Village <---> High Hearth


Points of Note:

Kukri Point



  • Publicly usable to all
  • Provides refuge from raptors
  • Higher elevation tower within adjacent tree for refuge against Devilsaurs
  • Located between 'Bloodfury's Crossing' and 'The Pond'
  • Currently seems to have been 'claimed' by the Palm Rats


Eg's Watchtower



  • Small defensive watchtower
  • Located at 'Bloodfury's Crossing'
  • Publicly useable to all
  • Has seemingly been abandoned and destroyed.
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Highway has come a -LONG- way now. As it currently stands a fair few roads have been added to now and many have yet to be named.

Naming of these will be done by Baron West and will be done on a basis of the following (in no particular order)

  • Based on those who donate to additional construction / structures along the segment of road to be named (rest stops, lights, better roads)
  • Likely to be named after dead or alive characters who have a prominent impact in the area.

As Eg has made a few structures along the route, i've added a segment into this thread on buildings, towns and other structures along the route made by players as well as info about them such as the function of said structures, weather they are publicly accessible or not and whereabouts they are.

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  • Highway has now completed i'd say about 3/4 of its 'loop' around Opej'nor.
  • The newly created settlement of Shimmerpond Village is now connected to Haven with a large length of the highway on the western side of the isle. This is soon to be connected up with High Hearth up the ascending mountain slope to the old zeppelin crash site.
  • Work on the bridge has taken a big pause whilst I reassess the construction m ethods as it seems its gone a bit cock-eyed in its alignment and may warrent it being stripped down and remade.

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