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[Event] The Doldrums Convocation

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Where: Haven

When: Wednesday 18th Sept 19:30 server-time.

Who: Leaders / Ambassadors of all factions bar Twilight's Hammer, Kolai and Sotoras

Event Type: Social / Politics

GM Assistance: Only required for NPC faction attendance (Zan'Watha etc)


Discussions throughout three of the major factions of the Doldrums start to spread, those being: New Moonbrook, The Flamespire Clan and Haven.

It would seem that following the respective faction's appointment of ambassadors to engage talks and discussions amidst the presence of the Leo-Lupus Pact, they have begun to have a dialogue regarding a number of issues currently plaguing the Doldrums.

Seeking to take leadership in bringing a resolution to a number of these matters, the three factions have elected to convene at Egtown at a later date at what would be called the 'Doldrums Convocation'. At this convocation major leaders may attend or, in their absence, appoint an ambassador if neither are available.

No more than two per faction may attend with the two consisting of (in order of preference) Leader of said faction, ambassador of said faction, or an appointed individual. 

Matters of discussion are as follows:


  • Who has what in terms of powerful artefacts, the compilation of a list of what artefacts are under who's possession and what they are capable of
  • The Golem beneath Haven
  • The Twilight Hammer's current state and generally people keeping a watch at their respective bases
  • A grave threat from Grettik Gritbeard
  • The Swarm
  • Information sharing on threats such as Kolai and Sotoras

Those announcing the presence of the Convocation say that those attending are to stick to the topics to be discussed stringently with a small window of opportunity for 'other matters' towards the end. If anyone wishes for matters to be brought up they may contact Baron West beforehand with a letter stating what they wish to be discussed.


Factions & Confirmed attendees:

New Moonbrook-

24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Baron Timothy West


Flamespire Clan-

24px-IconSmall_Pandaren_Female.gif?versi Tsolvia



24px-IconSmall_Human_Female.gif?version= Matron Mel 

IconSmall_Worgen_Male.gif?version=05d6b1 Montague





24px-IconSmall_NightElf_Female.gif?versi Eamane Mythglancer

24px-IconSmall_BloodElf_Male.png?version Ardanel Brightweaver 



The Explorer's League-

24px-IconSmall_Dwarf_Male.gif?version=0e Hafthor Bloodforge

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A notice appears to go around most major settlements


"To those concerned.

The Doldrums Convocation many of you have heard of has been postponed until such a time as a suitable venue can be established.

This is due to Egtown recently becoming an abode filled with morally duplicitous individuals and as such is not a fit domain for ambassadors, diplomats and other dignitaries to discuss important issues. Furthermore it has come to my attention that no-one else has mentioned they are attending.

- Baron West"

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