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The very short guide on getting started with RPG.

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This is a Quick & Easy guide for new players.

For more in-depth information, please visit Server Information and read the guides listed there.


My Character

Look at your character sheet.  Open up the RPG Handbook and there you have it.

You can also type: .rpg csheet to get a more detailed character sheet. The book will not show you buffs or debuffs you currently have. .rpg csheet will.

This is the moment were you should make a ".rpg csheet"-Macro. It will come in very handy and you will use it a lot. Trust me.


Let's look at your stats first:

Strength: Your Hit-Chance vs. dodge in melee combat will be determined by either your strength or your dexterity, which ever is higher. Strength is a requirement for some gear, like plate armor. Strength increases the damage of some weapons and skills.

Dexterity: Your Hit-Chance vs. dodge in melee combat will be determined by either your strength or your dexterity, which ever is higher. Dexterity increases the damage of some weapons and skills. Dexterity determines how much damage you avoid when you successfully dodge. Dexterity does not increase your chance to dodge! Dexterity increases the amount of energy you start with on your first turn in combat.

Constitution: It increases your maximum HP by 100 per point. It reduces the amount of Fatigue you suffer from all actions, and increases your HP regeneration out of combat.

Perception: It increases your chance to dodge. It determines who goes first in combat. It increases your chance to flee from combat. The amount of detailed information you receive when you .rpg csheet on another player or creature is determined by your perception.

Willpower: It increases your Hit-Chance vs. dodge when using magic attacks. It increases the damage and healing of magic skills. The amount of skills your character can learn increases by one for every two points in Willpower. Willpower also decreases the magic damage you take.

Ingenuity: It increases energy regeneration by one for every two points in Ingenuity. It increases the critical hit chance of physical damage skills by 0.5% per point, and magical damage skills by 1% per point. Critical Hits do 175% damage/healing. Some abilities scale with Ingenuity.


What about the other stuff?

Productivity is explained in the next paragraph.

Fatigue rises with certain actions, like crafting, swimming, doing combat etc. and it decreases over time. A high fatigue decreases your healing/damage output, and increases your damage taken during combat.

Story Stat is a special stat that is given out by GMs during events and can be used only during that event as a resource for special things.

Energy is needed during combat to use abilities.

Essence is a resource for some powerful abilities. It recharges slowly over time.


IMPORTANT: More on Fatigue and Injuries

Fatigue can rise from many actions taken in game, but mainly traveling with the boat, swimming and combat.

The percentage number displayed under Fatigue in your RPG Handbook reduces your outgoing damage and increases your incoming damage during each turn of combat. Every time you get damaged in combat, you have a chance to receive an injury.

There are several different kinds of minor injuries, and they can stack up. Too many injuries can become Major or Severe.

There are several ways in the game to deal with injuries and fatigue. For example, using a campfire will reduce fatigue more quickly over time. Using a bedroll will greatly reduce the time that some wounds need to heal. There are also some abilities in your RPG Handbook under "Non-Combat Abilities" that can help with wound treatment. Click here for more details about injuries.


How do I learn abilities?

Open the RPG Handbook, go to "Abilities". This shows all abilities you currently have. The energy cost of each ability is shown in blue in the brackets. The essence cost of an ability is shown in purple. Click on "Ability Dictionary" to get a list of all abilities in the RPG.

To learn an ability, click on it and then click on "Learn Ability". You can "unlearn" an ability once every 24 hours.

Green abilities can be learned by any class. Blue abilities are class-specific. You can only ever have two class abilities.


How do I equip myself?

Every item is just "cosmetic". To give your item actual stats that work with the RPG, you have to apply a Token to it. You can get tokens from the vendor. Players can  also craft tokens when they have the skill. To apply a token, simply right-click it and then left-click on the item.

There is two types of tokens. Weapon Token and Armor Token.

The weapon token only works on a fitting weapon. For example, the token for a Short Bow will only work on an item that classifies as Short Bow.

The armor token only works on your chest armor. That means, whatever you wear as chest armor will determine the overall type of armor your character wears in the RPG, regardless of what you have equiped on head, shoulders, feet, hands, etc.

Important: To equip your weapon/armor in the RPG, you have to equip it normally like you would any other item in WoW, and then type: ".rpg equip". Otherwise it will not show up on your character sheet.


How do I get better?

The two main factors in getting better are: XP and Productivity.

XP: You increase your XP by Training. Open the RPG Handbook, go to "More Actions" and click "Start Training". This will spend 4 productivity every 5 minutes training until you stop or run out. Based on your experience level, this will result in various amounts of XP gained. 
You can kill NPCs to make training faster, spending 12 productivity immediately after killing an NPC!

Productivity: Productivity is used to buy XP. It is also used for gathering and crafting, explained later on. You regenerate 3 Productivity per hour, even when offline. Productivity is shared among all characters on your account!


How do I craft stuff?

Gathering: Fist you need to find a spot that has materials. For example, if you want to find wood, go to an area with trees. Then, open up your RPG Handbook, go to "More Actions" and click "Examine Local Resources." If there is any, it will show up in the chat window. To start gathering, open up your RPG Handbook, go to "More Actions" and click on "Start Woodcutting". Now you just have to wait. To stop gathering, click on "End Gathering". Each "tick" of gathering costs 3 Productivity.


Crafting: Get a Manual from one of the vendors. As weaponsmith, you want to get the "Weaponsmithing Manual". You can buy crafting recipes from the vendor. Right-click a recipe and left-click on your Manual to add it. Then, open up your Manual to see all the recipes you know. Click on one of them and it shows you the materials you need. Then click "Craft" to create the item. You need to stand next to the crafting station that is shown in the recipe! Crafting an item costs various amounts of Productivity, depending on the item!



How do I fight?

Start or join a fight: Find an enemy or an already ongoing fight, open your RPG Handbook and click on "Start/Join a Fight".

Your turn: You will be notified when it is your turn. The time on your turn is limited, so don't take too long. You will regenerate energy at every start of your turn. Your turn will end automatically when you run out of energy, or you end it manually by typing ".rpg act end". You should definately make a macro for that! You will use it a lot.

Abilities: You can use as many abilities in your turn as you like, as long as you have the energy for it. To use an ability, open your RPG Handbook, go to "Abilities" and choose. Alternatively, you can macro it by doing ".rpg act <abilityname>". Example for Heroic Strike: ".rpg act heroicstrike". Making a macro for abilities you use very often is a great idea!

Engaging: To use melee abilities, you need to be engaged to your target. There are several skills that can engage you to someone, but the most common one is the "Move" ability.

Losing all your HP: When a player loses all of their HP, they get stunned until the fight is over. While in this state, they can get injured or executed.

Ending a fight: To end a fight, type ".rpg fight end". The fight ends when every participant votes for it to end. Players that are stunned due to loss of all their HP will always automatically vote "yes".


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