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[Event] The Salt Mire

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Where: Salt Mire. Starting at Hafthor's Keep

When: Unconfirmed

Who: Grettik Gritbeard & those chosen from applicants

Event Type: Exploration / Combat

GM Assistance: Required (Antioch specifically)


A few rumours begin to circle of local eccentric and archaeologist Grettik Gritbeard searching for an elite team of fighters (ideally with a healer too) to embark upon a perilous mission.


Those who pry for further information find that the Dwarf has been tasked with recovering an ancient object from the  mysterious isle of Salt Mire by the equally strange and enigmatic wizard known as 'Granthar'. Although the details are sketchy, those who press further would discover that the land is filled with exceedingly hostile creatures and as such the team that goes there faces much in the way of perils as they protect the combat-deaf archaeologist himself.

As he walks from town to town announcing the venture, he asks that those interested send a letter of interest addressed to Grettik Gritbeard currently residing at Hafthor's Keep between Haven and New Moonbrook. He requests that those who send letters express the following:




Combat Role (Healer / Fighter / Spellcaster / Hunter etc):

Affiliations (Haven / New Moonbrook / Tordala etc):

Combat Experience (Untrained / Veteran / Master etc):

Any additional information to justify accompaniment: 


Those who embark upon this venture will not only be given the chance to explore some of the lesser known parts of the Doldrums but also will come across mysteries of a magical nature as this ancient object is unearthed.


Current Party Members:


24px-IconSmall_Dwarf_Male.gif?version=0e Grettik Gritbeard - Dwarf - Archaeologist - Explorer's League - Untrained - Party Leader

24px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dc Wilson Delgan - Human - Archaeologist - Explorer's League - ???? - Second in Command

24px-IconSmall_Pandaren_Female.gif?versi Tsolvia - Pandarean - Fighter - Flamespire Clan - Master - Shield bearer, woodlander, cook.

24px-IconSmall_Orc_Male.gif?version=3439 Drok'Thul - Orc - Fighter - Flamespire Clan - Veteran - armoursmith

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