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[Event] The Grand Doldrums Auction

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Uncle Brann wants -YOU- to open up your wallet and spend spend spend!

Where: The Zandalari Embassy

When: Saturday 31st of August. 19:00 server-time

Who: Anyone on neutral or above terms with the Zandalari. (Infiltrators might be able to get in)

Event Type: Merchant / Economy / Spend your gold you fuckers

GM Assistance: Acquired Antioch will be overseeing the Zandalari faction. If there are other keepers who DM other factions who wish to have faction reps / leaders come along and bid they are welcome to do so if they wish / are able





"Welcome one and all, my name is Grettik Gritbeard; MotEL, PoA, SA. Many of you may know me as the author of the Explorer's Digest in the Doldrums as well as an esteemed archaeologist of -some- renown.

Many of you may recall the last Grand Doldrums Auction which, sadly, did not come to fruition due to -someone- ignoring the rules of the auction! Fortunately it is unlikely will will have that issue this time.




So how does an auction work? Well for those of you who are curious, there are a few ground rules I will lay out below on this here poster:

  1. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 We are guests at the Zandalari Embassy, any trouble makers will be dealt with on the terms of the Zandalari.
  2. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 No bidding what you can't afford. All payment is required following the auction and non-payment will be dealt with -harshly-
  3. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 If you wish to bid when the auctioneer announces the next 'raise' in the bid, simply wave at them and they will acknowledge your bid back
  4. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 There will be a 'starting' bid on each item based on it's perceived value.
  5. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 Scrying bids will be allowed. High Priest Vani will be on standby with a scrying orb to take long-distance bids anonymously (to all bar the zandalari and auctioneer)
  6. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 Postal bids will be allowed. If you wish to make a set postal bid on an item simply state the item you wish to bid on and the amount. This is a gamble for you -may- win the item without having to be present (and thus receive same anonymity as a scrying bid) but on the flip side you may end up putting in a 2000 silver bid on an item that does not go further than its starting bid of 50 silver. Postal bids are to be received in advance and will be returned if it is outbid. The postal bid shall be announced at the -start- of the item in question's bidding proceedings.
  7. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 An auction fee of 4% of the final sale value of the lot will be deducted at the end of the auction.
  8. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 A refundable fee of 2% of the 'starting' bid of an item is required. If your item secures at least one bid then this 2% fee is refunded instantly. 
  9. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 Those wishing to put an item up for the auction are required to have the item's description sent to Grettik Gritbeard as well as the lot delivered to him by no later than 6pm on the 26th of this month. Items after this time will not be made available for auction. This is to grant time for people to prepare their wallets and to establish starting bids for all items.
  10. Gold.png?version=fecf9dd0a51b27d65e6f5b1 If you are coming purely to spectate rather than bid, there will be seating for bidders and seating for spectators. Bids made from the spectator stands will be ignored.


Advice for those new to the art of bidding:

  1. Copper.png?version=2c358dd2c1a8b43bab975 Be wary and size up the opposition, don't always go for the big prizes as that is what most others will, you can pick up some real bargains where other people are not bidding.
  2. Copper.png?version=2c358dd2c1a8b43bab975 Try to anticipate what other people are after and price them out of the game early
  3. Copper.png?version=2c358dd2c1a8b43bab975 You can bid on an item you don't even want just to rack up someone else's coin purse... but be warned: they may pull out and leave you with a cost for something you don't want!
  4. Copper.png?version=2c358dd2c1a8b43bab975 Putting an item up for auction? If it's common, try to have a lot of them in bulk! If it's rare, try to add a history to it or emphasize its usefulness / status! The more information on items the better!
  5. Copper.png?version=2c358dd2c1a8b43bab975 Don't forget, as the auctioneer gets a cut of the final price they will be trying their best to ramp up the value of your item!


Should any of you have any questions or queries, do get in contact with Grettik Gritbeard. A letter can be sent addressed to him to Hafthor's Keep south-east of Haven and south-west of New Moonbrook upon the Isle of Opej'nor."




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Posted (edited)

Items Up For Auction


Star Item:

[Battered Hilt]

"A mysterious hilt of an unknown sword that washed up on Opej'nor. Although it seems beaten to almost nothing, there is undoubtedly a major source of power inside of it that could lead to a very powerful weapon"

Resource Item - Legendary. Very useful for projects.

Starting Bid: 950 silver.

Seller: Nazrin



[Face of Bwonsamedi]

"A voodoo mask bearing a likeness of the fickle loa of death, this mask allows a wearer to witness the final moments of a person's life though it is rumoured that the mask can be as fickle as the loa himself and may not nessecarrily grant the viewer the sight they wish to see."

Does what it says on the tin, the user must wear the mask and perform a divination ritual upon the descendant's at least partial remains. Single use.

Starting Bid: 800 silver.

Seller: Zan'Watha


[Scepter of Rezan]

"An ancient Zandalari item supposedly once granted to ancient Zandalari kings by the loa of kings himself: Rezan. This ancient object of office allegedly has magical enchantments in it capable of pacifying a mighty devilsaur for a while, effectively putting such monstrous beasts in a stun-like trance. Although the item is magically empowered it requires someone with at least a basic training in the arts of domination magics lest it backfire!"

This item allows you to pacify a devilsaur for two IC hours. Pacify means the animal will be stunned and unable to react to anything except for serious injury which may snap it out from its trance. 'Trained' in Domination is required for using it. Single use.

Starting Bid: 500 silver.

Seller: Zan'Watha


[Shadra's Heart Venom]

"A poison belonging to the loa spider godess. The soup-like venom can allow one to fake their death for a time which, although -very- circumstantial in terms of its uses... will be of -great- use to those who can find a use for this very unique item"

The poison slows the victim's vital signs to a near complete stop for 24 hours. It acts within 5 minutes of being imbibed and the person will appear to be completely dead whilst actually being alive. The imbiber will wake up after 24 hours. Single use.

Starting Bid: 1000 silver

Seller: Zan'Watha


[The Eye of Zanza]

"A curious relic belonging to the Zanchuli council, this relic found its way into the coffers of the Zandalari army with a scroll detailing its usage in dispelling all but the most exceedingly powerful of illusions."

Dispels most illusions. Single use.

Starting Bid: 4000 silver

Seller: Zan'Watha


[Secrets of Metallurgy Vol. 2]

"Whilst not a hit novel, this step-by-step guide to metalworking and mining does just that: makes you better at working with metalwork! This is an item highly sought after by any miner or armoursmith worth their salt!"

This item increases your armoursmithing and prospecting skills by 3 each. Single use.

Starting Bid: 400 silver.

Seller: Baron West


[Legendary Hide] X5

"Shot dead by the Baron himself! A mixture of pelts from legendary beasts on Opej'nor be they devilsaurs, pterodactyls or other more deadly creatures prowling the jungle. These are materials highly sought after by experienced outfitters!"

Resource item - Epic

Starting Bid: 300 silver

Seller: Baron West


[Major Retraining Tome]

"A magical tome perfected by Dalaran as a way for someone to easily reshape their life. Warning: May cause serious ammnesia!"

Useable item - Allows for character respec.

Starting  Bid: 400 silver

Seller: Nazrin


[Enchantment? Enchantment! Vol.2]

"A book for advanced enchanting techniques! It also teaches you how to get the best out of your leftover scrolls and runes!"

This item increases your mystic and salvager skills by 3 each. Single use.

Starting Bid: 450 silver

Seller: Nazrin


[Big Sandwich] X4

"Freshly made sandwiches created from scratch by a loving Tauren grandmother"

Useable item - Restores 10 prod each after a delay

Starting Bid: 600 silver

Seller: Nazrin



"A weapon once belonging to a heroic orc warrior who lost his life fighting against the Scourge. He had his brother, a warlock, absolutely destroy all that remains of his body so it could not be raised by the undead. The only thing left unscarred is his blade: Skullsunder. Time has not touched this impressive weapon one bit."

Weapon - Rare. Token - Edgelord's Cleaver

Starting Bid: 400 Silver.

Seller: Nazrin



"A heavily enchanted rifle that fires using pressurized air. It requires special ammo and a well-talented spellcaster to fully utilize it"

Weapon - Rare. Token - Flamespitter w/ windstone.

Starting Bid: 700 silver.

Seller: Nazrin


[The Stonecutters]

"A pair of massive Vrykul sabers wielded by a Draenic Death Knight who fell before she could be freed from the Lich King's control. The runes have faded but its size means its nothing to scoff at by anyone who can wield them"

Weapon - Rare. Token - Broadsword X2

Starting Bid: 800 silver.

Seller: Nazrin


[Clergy Ring]

"A ring worn by Stormwind priests whilst they're either travelling or in service to the Alliance military"

Armour - Uncommon. +2.5% outgoing healing.

Starting Bid: 100 silver.

Seller: Nazrin


[The Jade Eye]

"The ring of a pandarean thief who was able to smuggle Shado-Pan goods outside of Pandarea during the haydays of the Wandering Isle"

Armour - Uncommon. +1 dodge mitigation

Starting Bid: 300 silver.

Seller: Nazrin


[Imported Premium Tobacco]

"Fine Stromgardian cigars and snuff. There's nothing like this stuff in the Doldrums"

X10 [Tobacco] and X10 [Snuff] narcotics

Starting Bid: 800 silver

Seller: Nazrin


[Dragon's Tooth]

"A rare dragon's tooth taken from the maw of one of two such beasts that attacked haven quite some time ago. A trophy piece worthy of any good hunter's mantlepiece and could be used as a component in weapon or armour crafting for a specific project one may have in mind!"

Trophy item - Poor

Starting bid: 400 silver

Seller: Montague

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