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Customization Items Form

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From now on we'll be support addition of special effects for further character customization. The process is as follows:


  1. A player can make a request for a cosmetic spell applicable via Toys in the Collection section OR another LEARNABLE effect. Therefore only specific spell effects will make the cut, sadly.. Only effects from this section can be considered for this, due to system limitations. Meaning that if the effect is not a spell effect in WoW that we can apply to a player to be able to use indefinitely, it will not be considered.
  2. The only things that can be considered is wearable items that appear on your character. No morphs, no special visuals other than equipment.
  3. Likely everything else, these items must be paid for with appropriate materials and costs. Depending on the item in question, it may also be required for the item to be crafted by a character with a certain level in a crafting profession, who will have to cover the productivity cost.
  4. Items may be accepted or declined on staff discretion on what we consider to be doable and should be given out. The goal of this is to allow players access to mundane visuals such as totems, backpacks and other minor things, rather than anything over the top.

To put in a request, create a keeper ticket and tag @Antioch. If possible provide the name of the item giving the desired effect, and in the best possible scenario also provide the item ID. At the very least some description of what you're after and not just "I want a backpack."

Once an item has been approved it will accessible to all characters for the same price and method. The list of approved items can be found in the link below. 





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