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New Moonbrook

[Guild Alliance] The Leo-Lupus Pact

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A number of posters make themselves apparent, written in both the languages of Common and Orcish in various spots around the island of Opej'nor where major settlements lie, what stands out immediately to those viewing it is the merged symbol of both the Orcish clans and the Stormwind lion.


"To those who read this missive.

Here in accordance with the Leo-Lupus pact, the settlements of New Moonbrook and Grom'Thar / Mag'gol shall abide by the following agreements until such a time as the pact is dissolved by both parties or war is officially declared upon one of the factions by the other.

  • Both parties to the pact will immediately cease all current trading and co-operation (unless already ceased) with both the settlement of Haven and the Scarlet Crusade encampment upon High Hearth. Members of either aforementioned faction will not be welcome into the settlements of either signatory of the accord and attempts to enter will result in immediate arrest (following warning) and imprisonment, attacks will be met with hostile force by both signatories of the accord.
  • Co-operation with any faction or organization aiding either of the above forces will also cease.
  • In the event of assault upon either signatory's settlements, namely by the newly dubbed 'Swarm', the settlement of New Moonbrook and its inhabitants will relocate insofar as possible to the settlement of Grom'Thar to aid in defence of the peak depending on severity of the threat.
  • Both signatories will retain full control of their laws and hierarchies of their respective settlements.
  • Tactics and weaknesses of the 'Swarm' are to be retained by both signatories until such as time as the artefact known as the [Bloodstone of Opej] is handed in for safekeeping to Miss Meredith Thistleton of the Wizard's Enclave under the watchful eye of -all- factions of Opej'nor. Neither signatory is to engage aggressively with the swarm unless it encroaches upon the eastern part of Opej'nor or until such a time as the aforementioned Bloodstone is turned over to the Enclave.
  • Relationship with Haven will secede back to a neutral status when both signatory factions are convinced that Haven not only will fully severe any and all ties with the Scarlet Crusade (Including the void priestess known as 'Emily') but also when it is believed that Haven harbour no more hidden artifacts or secrets from other factions upon the Isle.


Distrust and greed from others have led to the formation of this pact, until such is apparent it will remain.

-Doldrosh Dragor Bloodfury

-Baron Timothy West"


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An amendment appears to have been noted on the Pact, quickly this is disseminated through rumours and down the grapevine


  • Those who are considered genuine pilgrims to the peak of Grom'Goshar to pay homage to the elementals are considered to be under the protection of the pact (namely the Flamespire Clan) and will be granted safe passage to the respective shrine of choice. Individuals seeking to do this must disarm themselves of any and all weapons before entering Flamespire Clan territory as well as being escorted at all times by one of their clansmen. Anyone found in direct violation of this will be considered a hostile target within Flamespire Clan territory and will be summarily sacrificed to the lava pits of Grom'Goshar. Anyone caught spying whilst under the guise of being considered a 'pilgrim' will be also executed.


The amendment bears the signature of both Dragor Bloodfury and Timothy West, the latter seems to have actually noted the following on copies of the pact in both settlements:


"Do what you want with them as long as it isn't dark magic... death by lava pit sounds better than firing squad down here at New Moonbrook... saves bullets if you ask me"



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An amendment has been noted to the pact and spreads like wildfire through Grom'Goshar, New Moonbrook and word even reaches Haven.


  • Following talks between Baron West of New Moonbrook, Tsolvia of the Flamespire Clan and Matron Mel of Haven, the following individuals are to be considered diplomats to / from the following settlements.
  1. Diplomat Ascor Holt - Diplomat from New Moonbrook to Haven
  2. Diplomat Tsolvia - Diplomat from the Flamespire Clan to Haven
  3. Diplomat Montague - Diplomat from Haven to New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan

Insofar as the pact is concerned, Diplomat Montague is to be afforded the same welcome and guest-like statuses and comforts as is afforded to the respective diplomats of New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan, he is not to be harmed and will be allowed entry to the aforementioned settlements insofar is reasonable and will be offered protection by the aforementioned settlements

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In the twilight hours of the previous night, the clansmen of the Flamespire Clan would observe the venerated clan elder and stand-in for Bloodfury: Gruk Charrbone as he walked towards the now looming Alliance fortress-settlement of New Moonbrook with but a single torch in his hand




Likewise from the other side of the engagement, a click of a safety catch being flicked on on would pierce the eerie silence from atop the Alliance garrison as one of the moons catches a glint off the Baron's rifle scope as he turned to greet the new arrival.

The guardsman, forever uneasy and still wary of the Orcs, would allow him to pass to meet with the Baron, it is all too clear that the two share some sort of burdened dislike of each other that overcomes even the animosity of the leo-lupus pact that they have met to discuss.


Hours would pass, one or two of the guardsmen in New Moonbrook would even find themselves patrolling closer to the garrison in order to eavesdrop but to no avail. Eventually the piercing ray of sunlight arose from the tall spires of Blackfinger almost iconically to herald the news that would follow these dark days of distrust.


As quietly as he arrived, so too did the red robed figure of the elder shaman depart from the settlement of stone and lion-blazoned banners only for the next day to start spreading news:


The news seemed to be delivered in a number of formats, more commonly was word of mouth through traders and merchants likely eager to resume trading between Haven and the members of the Leo-Lupus pact but also there were a number of small flyers distributed amongst the major settlements of Opej Nor written in both Orcish and Common:


"To the denizens of Opej'nor.

After much deliberation and discussion with the two leading figures of the Leo-Lupus act, we have come to the decision that the pact be dissolved.

This is in due part to the heroic and quick-thinking actions of Matron Mel who selflessly came to the defence of both New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan with little to no regard for her own safety. Because of this members of the Pact and also Haven's town guard were able to effectively come together to dispatch a substantial force of arcane monstrosities which arose in the new market square.


As a result of the dissolution of the Leo-Lupus pact, the previous rules surrounding the pact shall be rescinded to result in the following:

  • Both parties to the pact will immediately open up all trade and co-operation insofar as they agree as individuals with the settlement of Haven. Members of Haven will be welcome into either the Flamespire Clan's hold or the settlement of New Moonbrook in accordance with both faction's laws. Unless in violation of aforementioned laws they are to be considered guests and treated as such.
  • Co-operation with any faction or organization aiding Haven will also resume.
  • Relationship with Haven will secede back to a 'neutral' state.


As part of this it is worth noting that both New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan will be treating the Scarlet Crusade encampment near the southern zeppelin crash site with caution until such a time as they discard their colours and any association with the Scarlet Crusade or they prove to both New Moonbrook and the Flamespire Clan that without a shadow of a doubt they pose no threat to either faction or others on Opej'nor.

Tactics and weaknesses of the 'Swarm' as have been recorded by Baron West of New Moonbrook are to be retained until such a time as either the [Bloodstone of Opej] is handed in for safekeeping to the Wizard's Enclave tower under the watchful eye of -all- factions of Opej'nor or until Haven put out an official warrent for the arrest of the magus known as 'Elle' on the grounds of allowing the escape of the swarm queen and for attempting to have the Baron arrested in Haven outside of their jurisdiction.

Due to the nature of current threats on Opej'nor, warriors at the Flamespire Clan and guardsmen at New Moonbrook are to not open fire on either faction's members unless attempting a forceful entry to the settlement, violating the settlement's laws or displaying clear and hostile intent. Should hostile forces attack either settlement, the other will likely come to the other's aid for mutual benefit.

Ambassadors for all three factions will remain in place for the purpose of encouraging co-operation between such at gatherings or in absence / unavailability of leadership."

All copies of the document are hand signed 'Elder Charrbone' - written in animal blood, and 'Baron Timothy West' - written in ink with a quill.



A footnote appears at the bottom of the text:

"Due to the apparent absence of The Captain in either diplomatic matters or even coming to the aid of other settlements, New Moonbrook officially recognizes Matron Mel as defacto leader of Haven"



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