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[Event] The Celebration of Heroes

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Heroes. What does it mean to you? A hero can be defined in many ways. They can be someone of great admiration, known for noble qualities or outstanding achievements. A hero depends on who the mindset or ideology of that person may be, where others might not see the admirable qualities of that particular person, another may see this clear as the blue sky. In times of desperation, conflict and peace, heroes have always come to aid those who need it, and act as a light in the darkness when all seems dim around them. The Flamespire Clan know many heroes, Thrall, Warchief of the New Horde. Cairne Bloodhoof, Chieftain of the Tauren. Sen'jin, Chieftain of the Darkspear before his son, Vol'jin. In times of great peril on the Doldrums, the Doldrosh has called for a celebration of such heroes. 

This celebration however, is not strictly tied to the Horde. There are heroes among both the Horde and Alliance, and the world, that are known by all. Broxigar the Red, Bolvar Fordragon, Saurfang the Younger and more who stood not only for their factions, but for Azeroth. All are welcome to the village of Mag'Gol, a growing village of the Flamespire Clan just east of the mountain. In addition to these celebrations, a tournament of sorts shall be held known as the Brawl of Heroes.


The rules are as followed:

- The Brawl is a fight of strength and martial prowess between two fighters. It is a brawl until the other opponent cannot continue. Armor and weapons are prohibited, and magic is excluded. Only your body may be used to fight fist, feet, teeth and more.

- There will be no fighting to the death. If an opponent is knocked unconscious, the fight will end there. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification. If it is felt a fight is getting too heated and may result in death, a break shall be issued. 

- Good sportsmanship shall be given. Each fighter shall give respect to the opposite faction before, during and after the brawl. It is a celebration, and not a means of one-upping another faction.

More rules shall be outlined in the future if need be.


Additionally, the Doldrosh has sought to reward those of notable placements with the following prizes:

1st Place - A Breastplate from Devon's Library, and one thousand silver, and the title Arena Master.

2nd Place - A Weapon of their choice crafted by Mik'turok (Mats provided by the Clan), and a five hundred silver prize.

3rd Place - A five hundred silver prize.


Special Mentions or Notices may be given to those who show respect, honor and showmanship during these games. When the games are concluded, a small feast shall be held to commemorate the victors and sing songs and tales of Heroes past



Where: Mag'Gol (Just east of Grom'Thar).

When: Sunday 14th of July  9 PM ST (8 PM BST)

Who: Any race or non-hostile faction. (Any infiltrators from hostile forces will be publicly executed in the pit before the or during breaks during the festivities.) 

GM Assistance: Not entirely. If GM assistance is required I shall speak with them prior just in case. GMs are free to do anything spontaneous though! 


Combat Guidelines:

- The fight will use RPG Checks to determine the fight as it goes on. Physical skills such as Acrobatics, Athletics etc will be used, although most of the combat will be based around Martial Skills with Strength or Dexterity rolls depending on the choice of the fighter. Situational rolls will be asked for by a DM, for example if your character is loosing footing they may be asked to do an Acrobatics check.

- Each fighter will be given a set HP pool (to provide a fair way of giving and taking damage). The amount of HP will be determined by your CON Stat. For example if you have 6 CON, you have 6 HP Points.

- Damage will be decided as followed; If you fail a defensive roll against an attacking roll, you will loose 1 HP Point. Critical rolls (purples) will cause you to loose 2 HP. The person who reaches 0 HP will be knocked out. Anyone who reaches negative HP (whether they've been critted on 1 HP or the other fighter decides to take things to far, RP is RP ofcourse) will be given injuries dependent on the DM.

- Roll orders will be determined by a roll for initiative. A simple 1d20 will decide who goes first. The roll order will go one to one unless a DM pauses the fight to force a situational roll as mentioned above. 


Anyone wishing to partake in the tournament must contact me on discord or ICly to sign up. That way I can make a roster of who is fighting and a table of the fights. I will also inform you all of how this will be done and carried out shortly! 



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A few hours before the brawl begins, word spreads that Elder Charrbone and Doldrosh Bloodfury have entered themselves into the tournament. However, they have stressed that whilst they will be partaking in the competition, they will hold no claim to any prizes or titles during the event. It is strictly for entertainment on their end. 

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