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Connection Guide


Connection to the Unknown Shores server is simple! Thanks to our change to Legion, it can be completed in just a few steps, which we’ll go through now!


Firstly, you need a Warcraft 7.1.5 Client. This can be find in several places, but one of the easier ways to obtain the client is through a Torrent service- like Utorrent which you can download for free!


If you are using a torrent service, there are several options for a 7.1.5 client, but here is an easy link HERE !


Now, You’ll need to download our 'Game Launcher’ which contains a Executable that will allow you to update your game and play on the latest patch! It is linked below:


Unknown Shores Game Launcher: https://mega.nz/#!dtc0mQxA!4M2ct8LQwW3Xj7UiPGAwXaojwZosA5CQgD4JQbYUyRY


Once you’ve got both these files, we’ll need to properly install them! First, you’ll want  to find where you installed your Game Client- within, you’ll find a few Exes, Dlls, and other folders- because you use a private server, we’ll have to replace all those! So, you’ll want to select all the NON-FOLDER files within and delete them. Like in this example:



With all of these files deleted, we next want to open up the Launcher we downloaded! Simply open it in any extraction program that works with 7z and extract it DIRECTLY into your Client folder!

Note: Avoid using the drag-and-drop feature and use the actual extract function to avoid any issue from improperly extracted files.

Once you've got the launcher, playing the game is as easy as using the USAuto Patcher File, shown here:


Ensure you Run it as Administrator to avoid any issue with patching!
That file will open an
application pictured here:




The game will automatically update to the latest version of Unknown Shores, and you can then use the 'Launch' button to open the 64bit version of the client. I recommend running this application each time you play, or at least whenever you see an update to the game posted in Discord!


If you ever need to 'reset' your game to the base patch, use the 'Options' Button.


Your client should be set to go at this point! You’ll just need an account, which can be accessed by going to this link: https://game.unknown-shores.com/signup


From there, you must match the email you used for your forum account- enter your password and press 'Sign up'!


You can use the 64bit Exe, the 34bit Exe, or the Launcher to fire up the client, use your credentials, and login!

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Common Issue Fixes!



This is a common error caused by a permissions issue! It's a simple fix! find your 'WoW_Legion_torrent' Folder where all your files are contained! Simply right click the folder, go to properties. You should see a tick-box with 'Read Only' checked. Uncheck that box and click apply! You should be good to go.

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Common Issue Fixes



It may be caused by your Config file- located in the WTF folder. This can be fixed simply. Download the new WTF file attached here and open it in any text editor. Replace the first line, 'set Portal' with:


SET portal "Unknown-Shores.com"


Save and exit the file, then try to login once more.


OR: https://mega.nz/#!dNNlQJiI!UNR0btgRdHOCvz5FgR82-uR3LEAqwWsKE0EwrI-x1ug

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