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Architect Tweak Additions

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Hey guys.


Real quick one for those who are architects, i'd like to recommend the following additions if they are possible:



1.) The addition of 0.01 movement increments.

This is possible on GM accounts and to my knowledge it goes smaller than that (not tested how much smaller though), its a handy little tool as i've noticed that lining up objects with others can cause minor clipping issues that can't be solved to the up-down-left-right nature of the movement system and so it would certainly benefit the movement of objects to a finer level. This is especially the case for -VERY- small items such as foodstuffs, cutlery, plates etc


2.) The option of 1.0 and less item scales.

This allows for things such as statues or tiny little tweaks such as setting out a map with Alliance and Horde banners scaled down on it as miniatures. The reason I suggest a downward scale rather than a upward scale is to prevent people scaling up wall pieces to monstrous sizes to prevent higher wall coverage.



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