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[Project] Mag'Gol Village - Flamespire Clan

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Since The Flamespire Clans establishment, they have focused solely on their own people. Not many have been seen outside of their territory, save for hunting parties and the like. To the East of the stronghold, down the road that leads to the mountain, peons are seen posting out an area along the road and fortifying it. The foundations of what is to become Mag'Gol, a village for farmers and clansmen from the Flamespire Clan. Whilst the mountain would serve as their stronghold and base of operations, Mag'Gol would serve as a source of cultivation and housing for the clans settlers.


Location: Mag'Gol (East of Grom'Thar)

Players Involved: The Flamespire Clan

Type of Project: Small Village Construction



Doldrosh Bloodfury and the Flamespire Clan have decided to establish a small village outside the mountain stronghold, with the purpose of providing farms and housing for settlers who wish to be part of the Clan, but work in other areas not explicitly related to shamanism or warfare. This is to provide a more ideal alternative for settlers, and help provide food and other resources to the Clan for their needs. Additionally it would help expand their living space and territory. 



2x Farms - 1x Fruit + Veg Farm, 1x Meat Farm.

Livestock for the Meat Farm.

Cultivated land ready for planting. 

Living Spaces such as tents.



Overseer/Village Leader.

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In recent times the Flamespire Clan have continued work on Mag'Gol. Tents and other living spaces have been raised to accommodate settlers for when they come to live in the village. A tower, likely used for the leader of the guard and the guards, is also under construction. The tower that stands is to provide protection and visual aid for watchers who stand on sentry duty from any lingering threats. For the time being, Mag'Gol is slowly but surely rising. 



Additionally, cultivated farmland has given rise to fruit and vegetable farms that can provide for the hungry denizens of Grom'Thar and Mag'Gol. Farms have since taken shape, however the lack of livestock means that there is a not currently a livestock farm for meat and poultry goods. Alongside this, roads and markings have also been placed to further plan the construction of other buildings. However, due to the recent threat of the undead and insect swarm, steel walls have began to form, as Mag'Gol prepares to be a forward post in any battle to come.




Lastly, Mik'turok has been elected as the current overseer of Mag'Gol village. The villages operation and defences are now his responsibility, and he must report his efforts to the Doldrosh. Working with the peon Pik, hopefully the project will be complete in due time.


Completed Task:

1x Farm - Fruit and Veg Farm

Cultivated land for planting

Living spaces such as tents

Overseer/Village Leader

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