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The Flamespire Clan

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"Bound through culture, forged by strength and spirituality" 




One fateful evening, those of the vanguard, the last remnants of the "Horde" gathered atop Grom'Thar Peak. Their purpose? To discuss the future of their people in light of recent events. Those at the peak, including leading figures of the vanguard, spoke of their predicament. Flying the banner of the Horde had only brought them suffering and hardship time and time again. It came to the belief that the image and banner of the Horde had been stained by the actions of others before Bloodfury and his warband on the Island, and thus created a negative view of their people. Having committed much of their resources to facing the great evils of the Isle and receiving nothing in return, they grew tired. Disillusioned. Instead, they decided to unite in culture, rather than the flag they flew from Azeroth. 

And thus, The Flamespire Clan would come to pass.

An independent union of races from the Horde, uniting under culture rather than race, in order to seek peace and safety for their people as a priority. 






After establishing the clan, it was through the suggestion of the ex-Warlord, Bloodfury, that the Clan would go back to the Old Ways of the Orcish people. Before the time of Gul'dan and the Legions corruption. These ways, both spiritual and noble, suited most of the races already residing in Grom'Thar. The old ways consisted of ensuring peace for the continuation of their kind, whilst ushering in the spiritual balance of the elements and ancestors. Great hunts would be waged in the jungles of Opej'nor, to show their strength and might, and to seek spirituality from their primal kills. This would not mean weakness, however, for the old ways were some of the most savage and brutal times of all. Warriors fought to the death without hesitation and welcomed the notion of glory on the battlefield. When in the right circumstance. The Flamespire would choose their battles, and their fields, before committing to a foray. 

Long since their arrival on the shores, the orcs have noticed the elements remain damaged. Restless. The balance shifted. The Flamespire Clan vow to ensure that they pursue the restoration of the elements, before the wars to come. 







'Doldrosh' - 

Named by the Clan as 'The Heart of the Doldrums' in Orcish, the Doldrosh is the supreme authority of the Flamespire Clan. The Clan moves and acts when they give their order, and is tasked with ensuring the overall vision of the Clan is followed through. They are to uphold the law and culture of their people, and to put their people first above all else. The Doldrosh must show their skill in both martial and spiritual matters, as they are the prime focuses of the Clan. 

Elder - 

The spiritual leader of the Clan. The Elder has achieved the highest level of spiritual enlightenment than any other in the Clan, and is considered the upmost authority in these matters. They are to focus primarily on spiritual matters, whether it is the Ancestors or the Elements themselves. Additionally, they are to act as counselors to the lesser clansmen of the Clan, and act as part of the Doldrosh' inner-circle as an advisor of sorts.

The Bastion - 

The military leader of the Clan. The Bastion is tasked with ensuring the defence and protection of the Clans holdings and its people. The Bastion must understand the Clans aims and interests to avert war unless it cannot be avoided, or must be done to avert the destruction of the Clan. Additionally, they train new recruits and oversee their outfitting. The Bastion is also tasked with handling disciplinary proceedings among members of the clans fighters, including disputes of honor. They act as part of the Doldrosh' inner-circle as an advisor also.

The Wolfguard - 

The Wolfguard serve as the Clans elite Honor Guard, tasked with providing increased aid to dire situations. In some cases they also act as the inner-circles personal guard. Whilst they are expected to serve their superiors loyally, they are expected to think for themselves when a situation requires initiative. 

The Mork'Kar -

The bulk of the Clans forces, the Mork'Kar are the shield that protects the lands of the Clan, and the spear that drives through the heart of the enemies. A strong, disciplined unit, they are taught the true meaning of Lok'tar Ogar, and are prepared to put their lives on the line for the sake of their people. Anyone who wishes to fight, whether they be a warrior, marksman or shaman, is expected to join. 

Clansmen - 

The civilian populace of the Clan, including those who cannot fight. Whether they are crafters, civillians or gatherers for the Clan, this is where they belong.

Associate -

Those trusted by the Clan to allow to be closely accompanied within their society, although they hold no official rank or power. 








Coming Soon





Just a refined draft for the Clan, given The Mork'Kar Vanguard has changed into a different concept. Hopefully this can make for some interesting RP and development! 

Edited by McDankus
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Settlement Name:

The Flamespire Clan


  • Dragor Bloodfury (Gleader, inactive)
  • Gruk Charrbone (Elder - Shaman / mystic leader, Interim leader)
  • Drok'thul Goresnarl (Bastion - Military leader)
  • Tsolvia (Ruler of Mag'gol - offshoot settlement)

Leader Positions and Powers: 

  • Dragor Bloodfury - Doldrosh. Overall leader. Total power.
  • Gruk Charrbone - Elder. Oversees mystical / shaman stuff and oversees elemental shrines and dealings with the powerful elemental spirits on the peak.
  • Drok'thul Goresnarl - Bastion. Oversees training of troops, troop deployment as well as equipping them. Slight overlap with Gruk Charrbone in terms of training Shaman combat NPC
  • Tsolvia - Ruler of Mag'gol. Oversees building work and general welfare of the clansmen. 

Important NPC:

  • Stone Guard Tuhruk
  • Jorrog
  • Grivak (Navigator)
  • Zig-zig (Chief of the knucklebranch)



NPC Distribution:



https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gJb97-kcD7LWvPTTg2ougRm_2Ou_S9Mkp5_Z783ueAI/edit?usp=sharing (In Progress)


16 beds



Edited by Dascombe
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The End of an Era



The night gathers as a mournful procession makes its way to a large stone slab within what is now being dubbed as the 'Flamespire Bastion' adjacent to Haven.

Although the body is not lit, timber is stacked up around the slab along with phials of sweet-smelling ointments and perfumes in preperation for the Orcish funerary rite. Bundles of verdant hibiscus and other dried herbs in an array of colour are bundled up amongst the firewood as well. The remains of the scout Jorrog lie upon the granite plinth with an array of other artefacts.


But in addition to this are a number of other items, symbolic in nature. After the rest had placed their items upon the pile the pyremaster himself, Gruk Charrbone, hobbled forth with a large rag stowed under his arm which he unfurled into a large Horde tabard which he hung across the firewood on display. Many would, had they not seen him already, make a rather well educated guess that this large item of cloth belonged to Dragor Bloodfury who had torn it from his chest on the peak of Grom'Goshar in defiance of the Horde... it would seem the aging pyremaster had kept it for another time.


He turns around spotting the crowd gathered before him; Hozen, Sin'dorei, Shu'halo, Orcs, Trolls and Goblins alike....


"We have lived here long enough to call these isles home. Many of the Orcs amongst still recall our shattered homeland of Draenor, the dusty plains of Durotar or even our enslavement in the human lands of Azeroth. Yet we come from many far off lands.

These verdant jungles, deadly though they are, are our new home now. Wherever we take our people will become our home as we are blood kin tied to one another regardless of what happens. That is why I could not allow so many of our kin to perish upon the slopes of Grom'Goshar, at least here we still have one another to seek solace in."


The elderly pyremaster looks down at the crowd.. there are older faces scarred by the trials of war who have seen untold horrors before even venturing into the Doldrums... and there are younger faces, fresh and full of hope.


"I grow weary with age, my time is coming where I may no longer be of this world. It is time for new blood to take up the reins of the Flamespire Clan, it is time for a new Doldrosh to lead this clan into a bright future to safeguard its people from the pains and prejudices of the old world that still linger here seeking to eradicate us or bind us in eternal servitude be it by fel-curse or iron manacles.

With Bloodfury gone and many of the clan's previous champions also gone it is time for fresh blood and fresh ideas to enter the clan; our Sin'dorei bretheren who were betrayed by the humans and so fell to the allure of the fel, our eternal Shu'halo kin to whom we share a bond stronger than the maker's steel, the Trolls to whom we share an immeasurable love for battle, our Goblin kin who bring new ingenuities to the clan, the mischievous Hozen who are not to be underestimated, the wise and somber Pandarean who have taught us much in such a short time, then there's our Orcish brothers and sisters who may not have witnessed our homeland in its shattered state or at the height of its majesty but have grown up hearing the shaman's tales which live on in their memories... these are all what make this clan.

We embark now onto a new chapter of the clan with a new Doldrosh to lead us into the future."







Hi folks


With the Long March event concluded, the Flamespire Clan now reside on the south-western edge of  Haven in what is already becoming known as the 'Flamespire Bastion', an immense fortification which is not as grand as Grom'Goshar once was but is far more heavily fortified to ensure the survival of the clan.

Further to this, the 'Flamespire Clan' as a player-entity is now effectively finished. This is in most part due to server activity hitting a lull where even when the server was highly active there was only  a smattering of 'Horde' players (true of most servers)


As such, the clan will effectively revert back to NPC control with my character 'Gruk' retaining an advisory rule as of when the new Doldrosh is chosen and until his storyline is concluded.


At any point in the future when server activity makes a sharp rise again if any players would like to take up the Flamespire Clan as a guild entity back into player hands again do please drop me a message and I can reveal some advice as to how the clan has operated in the past and a few other tidbits (including access to the guild resources)


The post will come up soon but basically to get other non-FSC players involved, players will this time round be able to become 'champions' of candidates for Doldrosh so as to help them succeed, effectively adding a highly political element to the clan as players step forward to push for their particular favourite to rule over the clan.


Admittedly this is a sad day for the clan but as they say: the show must go on! I'll wait for Elle or another member of staff to confirm such but any isolated 'Horde' players are welcome into the Flamespire Clan's holdings (pending new Doldrosh's rules) should they wish to have a 'Horde'-orientated base from which to operate. If players wish to get involved with the clan (possibly as a means to cement themselves into becoming Doldrosh in the future?) then it will be up to the staff to decide such.

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