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[Project] The Lethargy of the Elves

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Location: Tordala and the Isle of Menhirs

Players / Groups involved: Dothrel (Lead researcher), Elves of Tordala

Project Summary: To find a way of utilizing the energy of The Core to sate the Elven Lethargy



This topic will serve to document the progress made by the Elves of Tordala and any they involve in the project. The Highborne Dothrel, eager to see Tordala become a symbol of Elven might and dominance understands that for this dream to be achieved, the lethargy he and both the Sin'dorei and Quel'dorei suffer from must be addressed. After consulting with the ruling pair, Iniine and Eamane, Dothrel has been granted access to the laboratory on the isle to begin immediate research into solving this most pressing issue.

The island houses a readily accessible source of continuous energy; the Core as it is known. However, it's power is unstable and when unchecked it freely manifests itself into sentient arcane life. Nevertheless, the rewards greatly outweigh the risk.

With the Elven lethargy treated and a source of power made readily available to them, who knows what doors it may unlock for the Elves of Tordala?


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Experiment 1


Experiment conducted by: Dothrel Andra'nas (Lead Researcher) Eamane Mythglancer

Method: The gradual application of heat to a minor crystal collected within the Core to induce a reaction.


Results: The crystal appears stable until it reaches a temperature of approximately five-hundred and fifty degrees at which point there is an explosive reaction. Observation has been noted of a purple gas escaping the crystal shortly before it burst across the cave and disintegrated.

This shows that there is considerable energy stored within the crystal that, once the structure has been compromised, escapes rapidly.


Further testing is required to examine how much energy is released from said reaction to establish whether heating is a viable method to release and utilize the energy within the crystals.


The complete disintegration of the crystal structure was unexpected, yet welcomed. If heating is pursued, we could eliminate the need to halt a reaction to remove waste products meaning we could maintain a constant flow of energy throughout the island.

Progress is being made to construct apparatus to fix the crystal in place and designs for a rune that activates in the presence of arcane are being created in preparation for the next experiment.






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Experiment 2

Experiment conducted by: Dothrel Andra'nas (Lead Researcher)

Method: Application of heat to a minor crystal until crystalline structure breaks and energy is released. A rune has been drawn that, upon the release of energy, will change colour depending on the intensity of the energy released.


Within the same environment as the previous experiment, Dothrel finally had the knowledge and the equipment required to conduct his next experiment. The tome that Eamane had provided had been invaluable to the creation of a rune that would activate in the presence of the crystal's released energy; the greater the energy, the more the runes would glow a bright azure blue. Iniine had graciously provided the thorium for the apparatus which would hold the crystal in place under the intense heat and sudden explosion caused by the crystal under heat.

Repeating the experiment as before, Dothrel slowly began to heat the crystal at a rate of fifty degree's a second until reaching the critical temperature of five-hundred and fifty degrees. As before, the crystal cracked and released it's energy in an explosive manner, now all that was to remain would be to check the rune for the results!

(OOC: I require a Keeper to validate the results with a response please!)






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The elf inspects the rune and, after some time calculating on the data he retrieved, came to the conclusion that a shard like these released a power equivalent of around 7 fully charged mana shields when shattered through overheating.

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