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On Recent Events and the Head Keeper Position

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Now that I have internet back, and have had a few days to take in the information, I would like to say a few things. I’ve thought about Shores and some other things in my time away and I would like to outline my thoughts here.

- - -

Firstly, I apologize to those I have been angry, rude and short with over the last couple of months, like Dascombe, Greg, McDankus and others, I am sure. I was having a hard time balancing real life and Shores and I should’ve taken a few weeks off to avoid a fiery burnout and get my house in order. I did not and it made me far more aggressive and angry then I might normally be. I’m not going to go into details, as I do not want to make excuses or seem to beg for pity. This is merely owning up to my rather lackluster behavior.

- - -

Secondly, we are going to unban McDankus. While I do not think the situation is as cut and dry as it may seem on either side, I did not handle it as I should have and therefore, we will not enforce it, as it would not be right to do so.

 Ever since the incident, we’ve revised and completed the Peacekeeping system, as well as the Curator role more properly, as to ensure that something like this will not happen again. It is up to the Staff, via the Curator, to keep the guidelines and rules up to date as well as their enforcement, amongst other things.

- - -

Thirdly, a few words on the situation with Langkjaer: He is an exceptional DM and a wonderful storyteller and if any of you have the chance to be in something he runs, I highly recommend taking the opportunity if his vein of storytelling seems to be up your alley. I honestly believe it and I’ve never told him or anyone that I think any less of his skills.

 The issues with him being on the Keeper team stem from a clash between his style of DMing and the current world of Shores. There is a lot of information to take in, as the server is almost a year old now, with things happening daily or weekly. From my point of view, Lang would have definitely fared far better being on the storytelling team from the onset of the server’s launch, where he would’ve had a clean slate to work with. His ideas and plans were not the issue in and of themselves. Rather, it was the clash between those ideas and the lore already established on the server.

 I greatly appreciate the work he did and I am sad we could not work things out. He is a great DM and I wish him well in whatever he pursues.

- - -

 Lastly, I do plan on eventually stepping away from the position of Head Keeper. I always have, and I still do. That said, it will be when Varen and I feel the transition will be easy and Varen has someone he trusts to continue working towards the vision we have for the server.

 I would like to clarify how I obtained this position. It was offered to me by Varen after Antioch quit both the staff and server, and the only two active staff were the both of us. I took it because it was something the server needed and there was, at the time, literally no one else to take it. If I had felt that anyone else on the server at the time would have been better, or were active enough to provide the help and work Varen and Shores needed, I would not have taken it. Keeper alone is a demanding position, especially when you try and cover a timezone roughly 6+ hours ahead of your own.

 The post made by Varen about the server and community is the direction we have both had for a long time. We’ve both put a great deal of time and ourselves into Shores. There were times I answered tickets for 5+ hours in a single day. Varen has put a great deal of time into coding, bug fixes and changes to the RPG system. At the end of the day, we are not paid in any way, shape, or form, nor does anyone pay to be here. The vision we have for shores is far different from what it was upon the initial launch. It is galaxies different from how Legacy was, and it is not something everyone will enjoy. We are well aware of this and at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that is our decision.

 There may be people who will not like the transition to our end goal, nor the end goal itself, and I understand that. I’ve come to accept this and I will not fight to keep anyone here when they are not happy with it, because at the end of the day, for each and everyone of us, this is a hobby. I’m certain there are more productive and boring things to do in real life, but we all choose to do this.

 Everyone has different tastes, and things they like from RP. We’ve a set goal in mind and a point we wish to reach with everything. Once we are there, then certainly, we will be able to take much more of the criticism and ideals into far more careful and public consideration then it has been done so far.

- - -

To wrap this long post up: to those who choose to play on here, I will do my utmost to be at the very least neutral in my dealings with people. To those who chose to leave, I wish you the best regards in wherever you go and whatever you do. I do not hold any ill-will towards anyone in this community and I hope I’ve been able to make that clear.

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