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Project Guidelines

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Here, we present to you… the project guidelines!

These guidelines and rules that we are about to present are to be used for player character projects. Some examples would include researching to get teleportation to work in the Doldrums. Perhaps you are aiming to make a special type of cannon ball? Basically, anything a player would like to do that isn't mechanically represented, but does require time and effort to be invested.

These are to help promote RP more on the player than the Keepers hand holding them, and allows staff to keep track of things better. Payboxes can still be used, but they should no longer be the primary resource for projects: RP should take the spot, instead.


The Project Guidelines

Players are meant to make a thread, either publicly or privately on the forums. Public ones go into the journal section, and private ones into the private journals section. It is the players' responsibility to post any documentation related to the project for Keepers to handle. Any checks, emotes, conversations, sumaries of what happened… are all aceptable. But these need to be available in the forum posts.

If a player does complete a project publicly, it will also be publicly known that the project has been completed. For example, Staff will make a rumour about it, giving the PC credit for it. This is done so in order to encourage posting less sensitive things in Public, so potential players see that things -do- go on. There won't be any negatives for keeping things private. You are to be informed, however, that you may be forced to find other players to help you with your project, as we do not want projects to be a "one-man army" kind of deal. (You can NOT use an army of your own characters to carry out these projects, and -must- find other players for them).

These threads should have the 'Project' Tag.

Players may ask DMs 'plausibility' questions. These are OOC questions you may ask to avoid getting your time and the DM's wasted. Here we have some extreme or simple examples, so that you may get an idea.


Player: "Can I control the Old God and make him dance for everyone?"

DM: "You really don't think that's possible for any single person."


Player: "Can I raise a few skeletal dogs to be my friends? :3"

DM: "That's plausible, but you'll need to learn how, before you can do it."


Player: "Can I tame this raptor and make it my mount?"

DM: "Currently, Shores does not allow mounts in any form."




PC Knowledge Levels

A PC's IC knowledge comes from several factors. Even a profession would allow a character to understand things naturally.

For example, a level 45 Mystic would understand that runes need to be altered to deal with the mana drain The Doldrums has and know how to alter it, whereas a level 15 mystic would only know that runes need that alteration, but not know how it needs to be done.

Knowledge may also come from things learnt about in events, discovered in the world, or however the overseeing keeper thinks. If applicable, it might even come from a character's background!

On the topic of the plausibility questions mentioned previously, you must not expect an outright OOC answer, but, rather, a light nudge or some hint that might help you.

Here is another such example!


Player: "Can I build a submarine?"

DM: "That's not a bad idea, but you are going to need to experiment with it, and learn the best methods over time."


Here is an example of how one such project could go (Redacted to prevent Lore Leaks):


Skelly McEvil the Refugee would like to [REDACTED]. However, he's brand new to The Doldrums and as magic works differently here, he has to figure out how things work ICly.

Skelly makes a post in the private section of the forums to communicate his intent to the Staff. They start off by obtaining a few crabs and taking them to a cave nearby so they can experiment. As he is a new character, he handles it how the players thinks his character would, but lacking the knowledge of how to do it in the doldrums.

Skelly then begins to gather more crabs and experiment, over time. He RP's it and makes the appropiate rolls again, posting them in the thread. A Keeper swoops by and fills him in with the result. He learns that he needs to [Redacted]. However, he does not know how to do this, either, which makes him need to seek out such information.

He is given a hint to go talk to a group of NPCs in the nearby town that -love- to gossip. Both Keeper & Player work out a time to meet in-game and Skelly talks to the NPCs. After bribing them, doing a favor or two, they finally tell him about a secluded shadowy fellow that had been in The Doldrums for a while, with an old lair nearby.

The keeper either by now or after this puts together a small lair with NPCs to fight/Puzzles to solve and some of the knowledge Skelly needs (or all of it, depending on how the keeper wishes to handle it). The keeper ensures that Skelly cannot complete all the tasks by himself, however.

Knowing he needs a group, Skelly goes to the local hub and seeks out a group of people to help him, hired or volunteered. He doesn't need a Keeper for this, but he's drawing in more players to help. As it may be obvious, Skelly (in this case) doesn't tell them in detail why he needs their help, only that he -does- need it.

Skelly and Co. then work out a schedule with the Keeper so that they may run the small dungeon. Once they have managed to clear it, they reach the place Skelly's prize resides. However, he made a mistake, and one of the helpers is a Rogue who starts stealing everything. Freaking out, Skelly manages to grab hold of what notes he can, but as it turns out, they are in Thalassian.

Skelly is a human, so the Keeper informs Skelly that they will need to find a way to decipher it. As fortune would have it, a local has a translation book for Thalassian, and Skelly obtains it. The Keeper informs Skelly he needs to make a few skill checks and also a prod paybox for 100 prod tokens (example) to translate the notes.

Once done, Skelly is informed the notes tell him how to [Redacted], and even part of the magical formula for combating the doldrums drain on his magic, yet not all of it.

A little more retroactive DMing from the Keeper and Skelly has all he needs. The Keeper and Skelly set a time to do one last active DM session where Skelly puts his knowledge into practice! However, he fails and he gets killed! Poor Skelly indeed, but his notes are left behind for the next character and everything is wrapped up.

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