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Opej'Nor Lore

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"We have never known where Opej'Nor was… But it had been somewhere uncharted, that much was obvious after they explored it: only wild beasts lived there..."

-As recounted by Silver-Eye Refugees after Opej'Nor appeared overnight on the horizon


A large island, what is now known as Opej'Nor was once just another island in the oceans of Azeroth, and it still changes. Here, I write its story, as it has been known:

Once the Traitor Prince was defeated, and the scourge under control, both Alliance and Horde resumed their efforts, seeking out new lands to explore and settle on, ready to exploit ripe resources that would lay in them. The Horde was the first to claim this one, however. It is said that Opej Ogrecrusher the orcish war veteran and his seasoned crew first took sight of it as they voyaged near Southern Kalimdor. Perhaps carried astray by a harsh storm if not by sheer misfortune, they charted they had taken to it as best they could, and proceeded to document the island itsealf: Its high peaks, remains of previous volcanic activity: its lush jungle, an oddity around those parts, perhaps once part of Un'Goro… Seeking glory for himself and his comrades, they made haste to Orgrimmar, intent on staking a claim on it before the Alliance could find the resource-rich land. After deciding that it would be therefore named Opej'Nor in honor of the captain that had found such a powerful asset, a small fleet sailed to it, intent on erecting the foundations of a fortress: this was not to be, however, as the island was not ever found again. Opej Ogrecrusher was therefore discharged, accused of dishonoring the Horde.


The truth of what transpired is now clear to us, however: it seems the island reached "The Doldrums" as we call it, settling further within it, near Silver-Eye, after 'Deathwing' shattered Azeroth. Also a byproduct of such shattering, the island was victim of a vicious "bombardment" of gigantic, rocky and crystalline shards from Deepholme, adding new elemental inhabitants and jagged landscapes to the island, staining the southern part of it and leaving it scarred forever.


Due to Silver-Eye's mistreatment of refugees and the effects of The Shattering its population boomed, and even those from Silver-Eye  moved there if they could leave their debts behind. Though one must not forget: as beautiful as it may be, it is just as deadly, if not more... 


New threats have recently arisen, but settlements have also sprung up, offering security to those that can not fight by themselves…


Notable Individuals

"The Captain" - A human paladin that seeks retirement, he made it his duty to make Haven what it is today. We, however, do not know what his retirement plan entails or for how long he intends to hold the ruling seat of the budding city, which controls at least half of Opej's population, but is just as stronger if not more, than Fort Drustgarde.

"Lady Abigaile" - Another human, yet this one hailing from Sotoras. Once taking refuge within Port Drustgarde below its Lord Governor Haytham Kendrick, she took the reins of the Port, and is turning it into a Harbor Fortress, after said Lord Governor went missing at sea.

"Mel" - Human. Strong. Independent. This woman has a remarkable force of will, if you, dear reader, allow me to write it myself. Although she is barely a fighter, she has taken matters of the Doldrums on her own hands, and now owns the Jolly Otter Tavern, stationed besides Haven's Barracks, providing all individuals across Opej with provisions. But make no mistake: she is also knowledgeable in Architecture, and you may even be able to pay her enough for her to draw plans to your dream house!

"Baron Timothy West" - A human noble, a hunter of renown. A long-time inhabitant of these islands, he provides endlessly. He hunts the wildlife of Opej, and has begun training a group to do so alongside him, as well. This development has led to a surplus of fresh meat, enjoyed by the refugees at Halfpoint Haven. Rumor is that there is or used to be a fan club of his own, after he saved "Egtown" oh so long ago... Let us not not forget the often-heard gunshots or his yells, as he clamors for everyone to check the wares he has brought with him, from time to time. 

"Tsolvia" - A fairly young newcomer, she has not taken long to make a name for herself around these islands. Though she is (much like other individuals we'd rather not name) apparently at odds with the elven isle of Menhirs or Tordala, inspiration and leadership has allowed her to make a band of daring explorers, which she named "The Trailblazers". Only time will tell how this young talent will develop.

"Vaxandris & Azyria" - A high elven marriage, they would be fairly unknown by most, if it was not for the fact that Vaxandris is the champion of The Captain's tournament, and Azyria is a rather battle-hardened pacifist and expert salvager.



Prominent Landmarks


Fort Drustgarde - Once little more than hastily placed planks named Flotsam, Eg sold it to the Caveat Emptor, who renamed it to Sabella. Transferred later to Kraken Slayer Haytham Kendrick it prospered as a base for his Kul'Tiran group, when it earned its current name. Now, under Abigaile's wisdom, it has grown into a proper fort. A fairly large number of refugees and soldiers work inside it, as they toil ever working, preparing the assault against Sotoras in order to reclaim their lands.



Haven - Quickly developing, this settlement is working on becoming a fully fledged city under the watchful gaze of 'The Captain'. Forces of evil have previously attempted to sow dissent amongst the refugees, but it has been swiftly dealt with by the plentiful security forces stationed nearby. A half point, it prospers with trade from Fort Drustgarde and the elven isle of Menhirs. They have also begun to expand towards the jungle, fortifying at an incredible rate.



Grom'Thar Ruins - Once the base for the Horde's presence within the Doldrums, the fortress-in-the-make was burnt down under the leadership of Warleader Ayuta, as she was fooled by Razorbranch Trolls and the fire elemental Smolderous was liberated, resulting in the death of more than fourty souls, calcinated. Many attacks failed, but it was when the orcish Warlord came back that a successful assault was carried out and the peak cleared. The remains of Smolderous' resurgence scar it now, however.



The Crystal Valley - Always a treacherous place, these lands have only become ever more hostile. Cut apart by debris originating in Deepholme, angry elementals have always been in these lands. It was because of the machinations of the Twilight Hammer, however, that this valley was wounded even more: an oppressive spire of "Elementium" now rises from it, and we have not forgotten the huge explosion that it caused back in the day.



The Thrifty - The wreckage of a goblin zeppelin, it is an often-used spot for salvage sitting on top of the southern mountains.  It still has abundant plains nearby that one can make use of, that few have attempted to claim: its most successful occupants were once deranged survivors.




Special Mentions

Egtown - First besides Flotsam and later close by Haven, the gnome 'Eg' has often made small settlements, fit for refugees or people that do not enjoy adhering to strict military hierarchy. The original one, however, was the first notion of civilization and prosperity on Opej.

Eg - The creator of Egtown, this little gnome, if eccentric, was well liked by many, as he was one of the few to provide housing for them, no matter how bare, and food. He has been missing after "The Captain" proudly defended Haven from his most evil machinations, however.

Grom'Goshar - The Horde's presence in Opej'Nor, it is now but gone, as only four to six members of it have survived the raid on the fortress.

Meredith - Kraken Slayer Haytham Kendrick's rumored sibling, she has a tower overlooking the valley, and is one of the few members remaining of what once was "Drustgarde". She, apparently, carries out magical research on her tower.

Ulreich - An Argent Paladin, this dwarf stands by the innocent and defends them from the clutches of evil. A true veteran of many wars. 

Opej Ogrecrusher - The orc that gave this island name. People have mentioned physically seeing him, but corrupted by the Twilight Hammer. It seems he now organizes the deranged survivors from an impressively-sized prison ship somewhere in the Doldrums.

The Ironbound - A group that were mercenaries in its truest sense: a mixed reputation, but as long as you had the coin, they did the job.



The island mass itself is extensive, boasting room enough for hundreds of people if they were able to claim it. The harvest of resources is unparalleled, boasting massive quantities of lumber, metal, and wildlife, though common.

The North of the island is a long stretch of beach, marked with a rocky terrain and the beginnings of a thick forest, leading to a mountainous pass.

The East of the island has a much wider beach, with a few crashed and abandoned shipwrecks on its shores, eventually giving way to the verdant jungle and the birth of a thick forest path into the debris-littered crater at the center.

The South of the island is dominated by a score of cliffs, high bluffs, and a crashed zeppelin that bleeds into a heavy jungle and the crater pit at the center of the island.

The West of the island bears a lonely sister island, with simple, tropical plants and trees. It melts into the central mass, where trees and mountains take over.

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The post has been extensively updated and reworked!

To explain further: it is written as if it had been done by a Refugee or someone within the Doldrums, ICly. Therefore, what you might see might just be rumors, rather than the objective truth.

Edited by Terra
To add clarification

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