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[Holiday Special] [December 16 - January 2] Feast of Winter Veil

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'Twas the feast of Great-Winter…

A group of the Grandfather Winter’s Little Helpers found themselves and a small part of their domain stuck inside the Doldrums, in the lake of Opej’Nor. While three of them slowly feel to corruption, unprepared and outside of the powerful magic of the holiday and Grandfather Winter’s farm influence, they were eventually convinced to return to their duties. Suzzy, the red cloth wearing Little Helper, had taken the leading charge instead of Grandfather Winter and had been making preparations ever since…


Now, with the combined magical power of all the Little Helpers, they have been able to enchant and transform a dying tree in their island into a proper, magical Winter Veil tree - the ever shimmering with Winter Veil light and ever protective of the presents beneath its fibrous, emerald, needle skirt cover.

Every character is able to take a single, random gift from the tree on the Winter Veil Island. All they have to do is come to the island and physically take the present, and then make a ticket or contact a GM after which the players will be asked to roll for (not before, once the Keeper is there) the presents. The limit is one present per character, and while the records will be kept I’ll ask all of you to be fair and reasonable.


One of the Little Helpers, a romantic fellow, is placing his own creations, enchanted mistletoe, around Doldrums; at least an arch and a bundle each can be now found in quixotic locations in Opej’Nor and the Island of Tordala. Those that are to kiss under the enchanted mistletoe will receive an endearing gift!

People who will find the wooden frames and exchange a kiss, either on the cheek or on the lips, under the Enchanted Mistletoes, will then have to make a screenshot with a ticket. They will then both be asked to make a roll for a random small-time gift. One character can’t receive this gift more than once; however, you can “assist” somebody else so they can get it… if you are that sort of lovable Casanova.


A dancing, glowing, singing and never-melting snowman manifests by the winds on the Winter Veil Island. He can be seen before a live audience, offering the people on the island to sing in return. However, he does not want to hear any song, he wished to hear a specific song, the number one song of the snowmen. The song is so popular, in fact, that his friends around Opej’Nor and Island of Tordala should be humming and singing it to themselves – or, at least, part of it.

There are four snowmen around the Doldrums one must find to learn the complete lyrics of the song: two on Opej’Nor and two on the Island of Tordala. The first person to return to and rehearse the entire song to the Snowman – in form of a Keeper presence or a ticket – will receive a very special gift of his own.


Suzzy says that if you hold an ancient seed under the Winter Veil Christmas Tree it will be infused with the powerful magic of the holiday and shall sprout as a christmas tree the moment it is planted…

Bring an [Ancient Seed] item to Suzzy the Little Helper and, after a short magic trick, you can use it to plant a Christmas tree in any place to your liking, with reasonable exceptions and logic, of course.




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"This defies logic." said Faelian, in the process of drawing a mathematical calculation in the sand that most people wouldn't be able to grasp from just glancing it. A poor guardsman, who had unfortunately been placed near the main gate of Port Drustgarde. The dwarven guardsman spoke up when the silence had become too unbearable. "Wot yer be meanin', Elf?" he asked, somewhat without passion for the subject. An awkward amount of time passed before an answer was spoken, as Faelian did his very best to draw two, straight lines under the result of his equation: "Winter Veil", decorated with more question marks than socially allowed around said result.

"You see, we're in the middle of a nightmare which contains cultists, trolls, an unnatural amount of women and even worse - now Winter Veil. There has got to be a connection." Faelian uttered, as he threw the stick carelessly over his head, to the very misfortune of another guard placed too near him. "This has to be connected. To everything. Call me mad- but I think this little Suzzy is trying to deceive us, trick us into Twilight Hammer service."

He said, and this time the dwarf allowed the awkward quiet to last just a little longer. Just thirty more minutes until his shift was over. But he was unsure if his sanity would survive for this long. Faelian continued, either not grasping the social cue, or just completely dismissing it. "I suspect she may be in the same game that keeps us here. These people cannot be trusted. And they will be put under heavy suspicion." Faelian noted as wind blew away his maths, which made less sense the more you looked at it.

This however removed Faelian's attention from the matter, he did have something to do, after all. As he ventured back to the anvil - WHICH STILL HAD NO FORGE, HE WAS ACTUALLY USING A TORCH TO HEAT UP THE METAL, AMAZINGLY ENOUGH - and continued making armor for the guardsmen of Port Drustgarde. "I'll get my revenge. for you not giving me Jurilia back, Greatfather Winter. Mark my words." The dwarf sighed with relief. It'd be that elf that drove him insane, before any cultists did.

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