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[Event] The Battle for Crystal Valley

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When: Friday 19th, 21:30ST ((Let us know if you are going to be late and you can be part of a 'reinforcement' wave!))

Who: Primarily Grom'Goshar and Drustgarde. Those who turn up ICly and ask will likely be allowed to participate.

Where: Drustgarde / Egtown and then marching to attack positions




The time had come


Rumours had begun to spread of a horrific presence grasping its tendrils of influence around the section of Opej referred to by many as 'Crystal Valley' in an effort to control the powers that lie dormant beneath the steep-sided floors of the mystical region.


Elementals, previously driven mad already by a malignant force, were now openly hostile and aggressively attacking all that moved and any sentient being that dared enter the area... and furthermore there have been numerous reports of a chained beating onyx heart tethered next to a large unnatural structure which had become known as 'The Spire' to many.


Recognizing this threat, and in a prophetic manner, the Pyremaster of Grom'Goshar known as Gruk predicted the large rumble that struck the land as the Twilight's Hammer begun their labours within the valley, the Great Quarun mourned for the loss of his brothers and feared they would be fully enslaved if nothing was done.

Worse still, some have begun to suspect there is a link between the rumblings in the ground and not only the volcano which erupted on the Last Battleground but also what the sailors of Drustgarde encountered beneath the waves with their Naga allies not too long ago.


Seeking to put a stop to it, both Grom'Goshar and Drustgarde have come together to build bridges and begin the healing process to repair their alliance in order to combat the greater threat that could not only see Opej completely annihilated but quite possibly the rest of the Doldrums to follow soon after.


Being a shaman and not a tactician, the Pyremaster has sent Stone Guard Ragara Irontooth with a combat plan to Governor Haytham so as to plan an attack that will see the cult of the Twilight's Hammer utterly annihilated and their plans routed so that the denizens of Opej can live to fight another day.


Whispers on the wind suggest that the forces for this assault shall be gathering at the gates of Fort Drustgarde at night ((21:30ST)) on the friday in two days time. Given the gravity of the situation it would become apparent that even those not directly a part of either Drustgarde or Grom'Goshar may find themselves able to take a place on the battlefield if they speak with the commanders involved.


Who knows what may befall the combined might of the Horde and the Alliance? The strength of the axe and the anchor?

Who knows what might happen to Opej'Nor if they fail?






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