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[Dungeon Event] The Man'ari's Cage

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Deep, deep below Menhirs, a Man'ari, the Eredar servants of the legion was held captive. Finding a warlock fool enough to pick up a book, an anchor for her to reach out the rest of the Doldrums, her plan for freedom was pushed into action. Many who have spoken or dealt with the demoness have seen her as foolish, stupid, a minor inconvenience. But, now, two resident mages of the Doldrums lie in her clutches and other powers want artifacts buried with her. 

Is it by design of sheer dumb luck that now people stand ready to brave the depths of a prison for one of the most powerful of the Legion's servants? Either way, many goals and loyalties now converge on this place, so far below Menhirs.



Sunday 10/14 8pm ST. 

Starting Point: Island of Menhirs.

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