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[Beasts of Opej] The Broodmother

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The Skittering Horror of Opej


It has been some time since new fauna has appeared on Opej. Many new predators run through the teeming jungle in search of pray. Yet few are as sinister as Venomfang. A vile spider broodmother that has set her nest up in a cave high in the mountains of Opej she spins her wicked webs through the forest and unleashes her venomous brood upon unsuspecting animals and travelers alike. Rumor has it she hails from an old Nerubian lineage and could perhaps even be sentient. One thing is certain: Her venom is the elixir of death itself and would be desired by many alchemist and magicians. Rumor also has it she has made quite an impressive hoard of items in her cave from the unwary adventurers. 

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