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Injuries and How to heal them

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Guide to treating Injuries, from the simplest to permanent.
Injuries are gained based on damage received: Slashing may give you cuts, crushing bruises, fire singed, and so on!
Trivial injuries may progress to Minor injuries if stacked, and minor may progress to Major!

Relevant Skills: 
Field Medical Treatment: Costs 1 essence, after 15 minutes removes all Trivial injuries and 2 Light injuries and all its stacks, Can not be used in combat, Must be within 10 Yards of the target if not self cast, Learning Field Medical Treatment Requires the use of a Book of Medicine.
Surgery: Costs 2 essence, after 40 minutes removes one Major Injury from the Target, Requires and consumes a Medical Kit, Can not be used in combat, Can not cast on self, Must be within 10 Yards of the target, Learning Surgery Requires the use two Books of Medicine.

Relevant Objects: 
Item - Bandage: Heals 1d3 cuts. Cannot be used in combat.
Item - Book of Medicine: Can be consumed for the same effect of the Field Medical Treatment ability.
Item - Medical KitConsumed by the Surgery skill.
Gameobject - Bedroll: Reduces the duration of Grave Wounds, Bruises, Fatigued, and Fractures over time.
Gameobject - Campfire: Reduces fatigue over duration.

Injury list:

    Trivial Injuries:

  • CutsPeriodically loses health, might progress to infected if untreated!
  • Bruises - Fatigue gain increased.
  • Singed Health maximum reduced.
  • Chilled - Damage dealt reduced.

    Minor Injuries:

  • Fatigued - Damage taken increased.
  • Fractures - Damage taken increased, damage dealt reduced.
  • Infected Wounds Constitution reduced, may get worse if left untreated!

    Major Injuries:

  • Burns - Fatigue gain increased.
  • Frostbite - Damage dealt reduced.
  • Drained - Energy regeneration reduced
  • Broken Bones - Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution reduced.
  • Grave Wounds - All stats decreased, may permanently die to NPCs.

Permanent player injuries are part of the Adventurer's life. However, with enough work and healing magic, even those can be mended or brought back in check.
The following list includes a list of prices that one must undergo for such effort.

  • You can only have one person treat you at a time for a single treatment. Multiple treatments at the same time must be done by separate people.
  • Discounted prices are applicable when the limb has been recently removed and preserved properly. Your own limb, unless you're undead.
  • Issue a discord ticket for a paybox when this roleplay begins, so you can deposit your payment as it goes.

Basic Regrowth - (Missing Eye / Missing Tongue / Maimed) - Requires Surgery Ability, Trained Medicine Skill
From scratch: 14 Essence, 2x Lesser Healing Potion, 1x Book of Medicine
Eye/Tongue freshly provided: 6 Essence, 1x Book of Medicine

Medium Regrowth - (Missing Hand) - Requires Surgery Ability,  Expert Medicine Skill
From scratch: 20 Essence, 10x Lesser Healing Potion, 2x Book of Medicine
Hand freshly provided: 16 Essence, 4x Lesser Healing Potion, 1x Book of Medicine

Advanced Regrowth - (Missing Leg / Withered / Severe Burns) - Requires Surgery Ability,  Master Medicine Skill or Trained Medicine + Master Preservation skills
From scratch: 64 Essence, 4x Medical Kit, 3x Book of Medicine
Leg freshly provided: 40 essence, 2x Medical Kit, 2x Book of Medicine

Reinnervation - (Paralyzed) - Requires Surgery Ability, Master Medicine Skill
64 Essence, 4x Medical Kit, 4x Healing Potion, 4x Book of Medicine

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