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[Group] The Hand of Unravelling

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"Brothers and Sisters! The time has come!
Soon, The Black Scrouge will arise from the depths of Azeroth and usher in the begining of our grand paradise!
His coming will herald the dominion of our benevolent masters.
His flame will wash the world clean of the maggots which sin and destroy that which belongs to our masters by right!
I have heard their voices, my body is their conduit, and to you, I utter their word.
Sons and Daughters of the Old Ones, Devout Men and Women of the Hand,
Together we shall embark upon a long journey, and convert many more to our cause!"

These were the words uttered by the Conduit, the men and women within the room cheered as they set off for their task. With their captured ship, they
sailed the seas of Azeroth in their pursuit to gather a strong host and destroy the creations of those that would have the audacity to defy their masters. Yet, such would not come to fruition so soon. 
As they sailed, passing by the maelstrom, they were struck by a vicious storm. With only a few spare moments to act, the cultists could not avoid their fate.
However, not all was lost. Almost as if it was the invisible hand of the one beneath the seas, miraculously, most of them washed up on a strange, mysterious island. After a moment of silence, the conduit spoke to them once more.

"It is clear now.
This is where we are to begin our advance
Disperse, find whoever lives here.
This island shall be ours."




"We will spread amongst the maggots.
We will elevate and enlighten those worthy.
We will sacrifice those who are doomed to sin.
We will rebuild these islands in the image of our benevolent gods.
We will ascend beyond mortalhood, and shed these shells of flesh and bone."


1. Spread influence over the entire isles
2. Establish contact with other cultists and 'recruit' new members
3. Incite war between the many factions of the Doldrums
4. Establish a more prominent base for the followers of the Old Ones
5. Take over the Doldrums
6. Break out




"It is through the Conduit that the word of the Old Ones shall be spread.
It is the Inquisitors who shall ensure his word is heard amongst the flock.
Should they not be respected, it is the might of the Willbringers that will ensure there is only one truth...
...And that the Flock follows, of course."


The Conduit - A leadership position, the Conduit is said to receive clear whispers of the old ones that show them what the Hand of Unravelling is meant to do.
The Inquisitor - Second to only the Conduit, the Inquisitors are there to ensure that people know the orders of the Conduit and understand them perfectly.
The Willbringer - The Willbringers act as the punishment of the Old Ones for cultists who are not devout enough and do not follow their orders. They are usually those that kill the unworthy.
The Flock - Anyone asides the three specific ranks that have been listed above is a part of the flock. A general body of agents, simple cultists or doomsayers.

Regardless of their role, everyone is sworn to secrecy. It is said that whoever speaks of the Hand of Unravelling before anyone else except for fellow cultists shall be punished into an eternity of torture by the Old Ones.



"Step forward, initiate.
Drink from the vial, and hear them call out to you.
You are the child of the benevolent Gods,
Give in to your fate."

The recruitment is, of course, drastically different than it is in any other group. There are a few ways to join the group.
The first members are, of course, those that came with the Hand initially. To join the group, PM me this:

Character Name:
Character Race:
Character Class:
Desired Rank:
Roleplay Experience:
Time spent in the Doldrums:
Current Guild (IF ANY):
How and Why they joined the Twilight's Hammer:


However, as it stands, one of the goals of the group is to convert new members. This can be done in many ways. Subtle brainwashing, capture, etc. So yeaaah.

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