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The Trial of Castien

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Word would begin to spread around the various settlements on the Doldrums that were part of the Grom'thar Summit. Warleader Bloodfury would call for a trial of the elf known as Castien. He is to be trialed for the following charges:

- Aiding in the attack of the troll Ehk, and carrying out his murder.

- Attacking two members of Grom'goshar whilst in the midst of combat against raptors.

With the announcement of the trial, the Warleader asks for witnesses to step forward and testify against Castien, and to defend him. Those who step forward will be given the chance to either aid in the defending of Castien, or his prosecution. The judges to be partaking in the trial are as followed:

Dragor Bloodfury - Representing the Horde

Eamane Mythglancer - Representing Neutral Parties

Antonio Barcelos - Representing the Alliance

The trial will be in Port Sabela, with members of the towns guard and Grom'goshar acting as enforcers. Those who cause disruption and violence will be dealt with by the correct authorities swiftly. The trial will take place tomorrow in the evening at nightfall.


OOC: The event will take place at 9PM ST at Port Sabela. As this is to be a fairly beefy event in size, I would implore that those partaking do not disrupt the event so it can go smoothly. 


photo Warsong_Banner_zps7nfjbiz1.png

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