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Disease in the Doldrums

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Disease Information

There are several diseases that spread in the Doldrums, anyone can be afflicted by these. Most are easily helped by a healer but when they spread on a large scale it can be difficult to contain. There are a few options on how to treat these diseases, and below you will find information that your character could know. Try to consider whether they should or not, depending on their backstory. If you would like to contribute to this page with interesting diseases your own making, please contact a Keeper or Councillor. These diseases are all based on real world diseases but you are not limited to those if you wish to add to the list. In the background Keepers and Councillors will track diseases and every now and then an epidemic may occur, reacting to it may be crucial in steering the story along the path your character would most prefer.  


  • Scurvy

A common disease well known among seafarers and those used to treating them. It's not infectious and often easily dealt with.

Diagnosis: General feeling of tiredness and lethargy, pain in joints and muscles, bleeding gums and loose teeth. Later stages fevers and jaundice may occur.

Treatment: Vegetables and fruit will return the patient to full health within two weeks. Healing has little effect on Scurvy.


  • The Flux

Common in army camps and among the very poor, the Flux is a potentially deadly disease if left untreated. Uncleanliness is generally agreed to be the cause of a bout of the Flux, keeping clean is thus the best way to prevent the sickness.

Diagnosis: Frequent passing of stool and diarrhea are the most obvious symptom of the Flux, worse cases will suffer gut pains and fevers. If left untreated there may be blood in the stool and the patient may suffer from convulsions and delirium.

Treatment: The gravest danger with the Flux is dehydration, thus the cure is a mixture of [Fresh Water], [Rock Salt] and [Peacebloom] until the symptoms abate, or using a medical kit to provide the same effect. Once the disease has been correctly diagnosed, it could also be healed.


  • The Ague

Commonly known to be caused by miasma, the noxious fumes produced by decaying corpses. The ague is a cyclical fever that grows increasingly worse until the patient's demise or recovery. Even after a recovery, minor episodes may occur throughout life though these are rarely life-threatening.

Diagnosis: Shaking chills that lead into a fever, often accompanied by headaches. The chill and fever will often break after a day or two, then turn to a cyclical pattern of chills and fevers trading places with each other, wracking the patient until their blood thins and organs begin to fail.

Treatment: A cure of [Bloodthistle], [Fresh Water] and [Twin Poppies] taken for two days will break the cycle of the illness. A proper medical kit ought to contain the necessary tinctures as well. A capable healer or priest should be able to purge the disease once it has been diagnosed.


  • Wraith’s Bite

A terrible affliction that often is confused for madness, the ill will writhe in torment and grow increasingly desperate and tortured, with seemingly no cause. The Lordaeronian healer Sigibert Genblo wrote: "Human flesh fell to pieces, as men were burned by a ghostly fire which devoured and gradually turned their body black as coal. They quickly died in agony or continued their life without the feet and hands, a life worse than death..." Some believe the disease is spread by the undead and the spectres that they by necessity attract.

Diagnosis: The patient will experience anxiety and vertigo in the initial stages of the illness, it is often difficult to recognise these as symptoms until the patient already suffers from the painful hallucinations that follow. Close after the hallucinations follow the blackening of extremities, which will leave the flesh dead and necessitate amputation.

Treatment: There are no cures for the Wraith’s Bite but time and perseverance. The patient must be restrained so they do not hurt themselves or others. Healing can ensure their flesh does not turn necrotic and a skilled healer may even be able to soothe the illness until it departs the patient.


  • Filth Fever

The onset of Filth Fever can easily be mistaken for the Flux, differentiating the two is difficult until the latest stages of the disease when discoloration on the abdomen indicate internal hemorrhaging.

Diagnosis: Like with the Flux, diarrhea are the first symptom of Filth Fever. The disease progresses similarly to the Flux however the fever will be more pronounced and in the later stages discoloration reveal which disease afflicts the patient.

Treatment: A cure of alcohol, a [Cask of Ale] will do, [Silverleaf] and [Verdant Hibiscus] taken two days in a row should break the fever. A capable healer or priest should be able to purge the disease once it has been diagnosed.


  • Black Vomit Pestilence

The pestilence is an insidious illness, it comes along as an autumnal fever, but quickly becomes something far worse. Those wracked by the pestilence experience pain, lose the will to live and throw up what food they can stomach. The vomit is coloured black by blood, and in later stages the patient may weep blood as their life slips away.

Diagnosis: The first stages of Black Vomit is characterized by fevers and chills, lack of appetite and pain in the lower back. Soon after the patient’s skin will discolour, turning tints of yellowish with dark purple patches. On vividly coloured races this can be difficult to observe but the discolouration is accompanied with increased pain in the lower back and abdomen, as well as regular vomiting. If left untreated the pestilence will cause blood in the vomit, which is what gave name to the disease, and will make the patient bleed from their gums and eyes. Soon after this, death is likely.

Treatment: Certain minerals and crystals crushed and mixed with alcohol and the extract of poppies can cure the disease, the patient should be quarantined until there is certainty that they are healthy. Crush [Glimmering Gemstones], [Twin Poppies] and blend with [Bottle of Wine] for best effect. Using the materials of a few medical kits should leave you with enough material to reach the same effect, otherwise a very skilled healer can purge the disease.


  • Redpox

The Red Plague, the Weeping Pestilence. A disease of many names, Redpox is a scourge on any who contract it, and it spreads like wildfire, with equally destructive results. Some blame the Orcs for bringing the disease with them from Draenor, but it is generally agreed among healers that the Redpox that haunt Azeroth is a natural disease originating from this world. Reports of it devastating villages and hamlets predate the first opening of the Dark Portal.

Diagnosis: The patient will be afflicted with high fevers and chills, enough to strike down the already weak. Headaches, pain in the lower back and a general malaise often accompany these first stages. Red lesions will appear on the arms, legs and face of the ill, these itch and with time will become filled with pus. In the last stages of the disease the patient will experience hemorrhaging in organs, death soon follow.  

Treatment: There is no cure for the Redpox, though skilled healers can purge the disease. To combat it truly, the ill must be quarantined and anyone healed kept safe from agents of infection. Redpox exacts a terrible cost on any community afflicted and it can linger for years.

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