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The Last Battleground Lore

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Though the island has only recently become relevant, it has existed in the Doldrums for many hundreds of years. Formed from a burnt out lava plume that pushed to the surface and went dormant many thousands of years ago, it’s beaches and rocks are always shifting with the ebb and flow of the tide.

With little vegetation and no mineral deposits to speak of, it was mostly ignored even by the prospectors of Sotoras and Silver-Eye Island. It only recently gained a name and a reputation after two stranded Alliance and Horde ships beached there, looking for a safe harbor.

Unfortunately, the two parties landed a mere few hundred meters apart, and with no other place to go, were forced to negotiate. Reports coming back are mixed, no one is certain who attacked first, but a small war broke out on the shores of the so-named Last Battleground. The war left no one alive on the island, the small chain looking more like a graveyard now than a battlefield


Major Characters

Senior Sergeant Windhammer - A Tauren officer with a small flotilla of Horde scout craft. His ship along with the others were destroyed amid the Shattering. He lead the survivors of the Horde to Last Battleground. Assumed KIA.

Master Sergeant Blastwhiz - A gnomish officer with a detached fleet of Alliance supply craft. His ship along with the others were destroyed amid the Shattering. He lead the survivors to Last Battleground. Assumed KIA.

Notable Locations



Alliance Camp - Located on the Northern island, the Alliance made a basecamp here after their fleet was destroyed during the Shattering. Undersupplied but positioned near the Old Volcano, the Alliance attempted to fortify their position in case conflict broke out. It didn’t do them much good. 


The Old Volcano - Located on the Eastern island, the this aged lava plume has long since gone dormant and left the sandy beaches and rocky debris as a reminder. Shaped in a large bowl, it made for good cover during the small war on the Last Battleground.



Horde Camp - Located on the Southern island, the Horde made a basecamp here after their fleet was destroyed during the Shattering.With their larger ships but scare supplies, they took advantage of the larger mass of their island in preparations for a potential conflict. It didn’t do them much good.



The island chain is small, boasting little in terms of resources, but it’s isolation is considered a resource all it’s own. Notably fish and salvage from the broken camps are available.

It’s made up of 3 smaller island blocks, with stony debris and a large burnt out lava plume. Plenty of open ground.

Much of the Alliance and Horde camps on the island remains, along with the bodies and wreckage of their ships and soldiers. It’s a graveyard.

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