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Name: Haytham Francis Kendrick

Occupation: Governor of Port Drustgarde, Entrepreneur, Captain (former)

Birthplace: Boralus, Kul Tiras

Age: Thirty

Residence: Drustgarde


Marital Status: Divorced




Born as the eldest son to Francis and Caroline, who led a prominent merchant family of Kul Tiras, the Kendrick family. Ever since Haytham was but a young boy, he always dreamt about commandeering his own ship and serving his country proudly. This vision was however, one which brought great dismay to his father who had envisioned another path for him. He spent his childhood fascinated about the navy, always asking questions and seeking knowledge wherever he could find it to the point where some considered him to be annoying. As he grew up, he watched his father manage the company while he even had an insight into his father’s plans where he learned of his father’s underhand tactics in becoming rich. Disgusted with his father’s unlawful use of methods, Haytham enlisted in the navy of Kul Tiras despite his father’s wishes. This resulted in him earning the ire of his father which would play a course later on in his life.


The now estranged scion of the Kendrick family found himself serving in the navy as he always wanted. His ambition and passion to serve had led him to rise quickly amongst the ranks of the navy. Some questioned his rapid ascension, yet others who’ve served alongside him call it a testament to his skill in leadership. It is here where Haytham had met Meredith Meadow Thistleton who he grew to become fast friends with and later even marry despite their families’ ever building rivalry. This only caused further disappointment within the eyes of Haytham’s father who at this point considered his firstborn to be a lost cause and decided to groom Haytham’s twin - Harper to inherit the company instead.




Haytham continued to serve in the navy as a Captain, remaining in frequent contact with his twin sister and mother back at home through letters. The newly wed couple had been eventually separated for reasons unknown to others. Some say that Meredith herself had tried to sway Haytham into choosing her over his family and he had chosen the latter. Others say that the pair argued over matters unknown and this led to their separation. No one knows for sure but the pair themselves. Haytham continued his duties sternly and appeared quite unhindered emotionally to the public yet when he found himself in the privacy of his cabin he wept silently. To keep the separation out of his mind he turned to write letters to his twin sister and mother for comfort.


Shortly after, news of the disappearance of his parents had eventually reached Haytham’s ears and this only added to his already emotional boat ride. In his now devastated mood he was visited by his younger brother August who managed to convince the once proud man that his parent’s disappearance was no mystery. He claimed that they had disappeared because the Kingdom’s elite had somehow discovered his father’s shadier operations and intended to rid them in one quick stroke. This would be done without any possible suspicions on the basis of a storm being used as a cover up as the cause of their disappearance. A now vengeful Haytham swore he’d avenge his family by using any means necessary, the now satisfied August took this as an opportunity to make him resign from the navy and assume control of the family business himself.



And so he did. Haytham had resigned from the navy and due to the amount of sway he held within it, several others followed him once he returned home - most notably his loyal swabs and crewmen. Upon his arrival home and reunion with his siblings, he had witnessed the damage that had impacted the company due to the sudden disappearance of their parents. After seeing how his twin sister had contained the chaos that had been wrought upon the family business in the wake of their predecessor’s disappearance, he made it known that she would share equal power alongside him in heading the company. Together and along with their siblings, they made a vow that they would restore their family business back into its rightful place in society by using any means necessary - even if it meant utilizing the methods of his father which he once despised as a child.


A few years had passed. The family business remained as stable and prosperous as ever under the combined leadership of the Kendrick twins.  A need for adventure had arisen within the man now edging towards his thirties, and when rumours came to him about a group of Paladins wishing to explore the fate of the missing vessel his father had been on, Haytham was quick to provide them with monetary support. Not only did he fund them, he decided to leave the family business in his capable twin-sister’s hand only to directly set off with the group on their voyage with a few companions. Knowing that he had possibly been tricked by his younger brother, only fueled his desire to find his father and perhaps redeem himself. He had after all gone against his personal values to see his family remain afloat and strong in trade back home. Only time will tell whether he would find his father or return home empty handed. Or perhaps not return at all...




Traits & Flaws


Eo1_58phHj5qJavhtQtzH_DhMFwOMmlO1vFGCddQLdykLb2BnLipAa_dddce2W5zRi_a0HfuA-9XcCvgoOLaIQeWppPq8DjhJAADfObwKVqrLzxFClF_w5GLHimY-RsrsyJ71a22Disciplined - His time in the navy has molded him into a man of discipline and can act apart in a controlled environment.


b3My_99oomhRXcUR7eyuTns53hWsKvd8ws7aDnc42BAO5j5Ibf1QV4JGXGfPq9O7qiYaT3xAZDMEsfuSz7GSYQ6rifC_jLEPepzk_R17PoXpRl6nir4aO3iiDDwggK9b12oiqbeCDiligent - Years of hard work and commitment in pursuing his dreams have made him show care in his work.


B8nizBSty1CiQqtrJFwsYPBQDGISDaW6wgcFhL-367ZuHIDngD8yvtJCBltbgl099njZnK0p6r46WuMYOvoDo1c-Rt-0uPVqGvCIORHgXKnBx789AY62HjwMYS5hhT9hGImCtsSWDutiful - Haytham feels like he holds a sense of duty to his family and his family’s company thus giving up his dream occupation for it.


XkLtkB_iv7JjzDwmrrj0fKrFwIRmYVj2d2FxRDGE53nLfbAgIinhKnrdpFKu8u5j6OeT8PHxEY25WPvwZQoVGImAynkNpuxfGK35kMgunYbCu82kNQ4b0-SKZePNQI0Fg2ZWY22LAmbitious - Every man is a dreamer. Haytham however happens to dream bigger than the rest.


dkkmS1vXBhwTiaPOL7J4gKkCcKtsF0wwoVrhsoc_eofUddGSI48ThWEW9WtuhNd3q-GGemCoy3KXI_b1PwL91NH3jx5k_GDiDaFphilw5vsdpXfLIq7CiacqIlbYP_jL13WJVfBBDevious - Like father like son, Haytham does not shy away from using a more less-direct route to achieve his goals.


nJMdCdA47l1-OOepch3K3eQ5Z-IP7sDnbt5fDbPBKO5fqcinlGu0SrfWRGY0VDjMdzFHM065n1dz3-w0Zn4Oi-zUwvAUiYF42hMA0t89ddsPJR9xT0tudt9f4uABsbpPeTvoQVk6Deceitful - Should it be necessary, Haytham would lie to get himself out of a sticky situation. A common trait running amongst the Kendrick family.


4N1mnOF-Cq8Rjh6jj7cQRTA8hE7_fH4Cn4i7PmWJjbOLmM1s5z48eIUQhHyFzHB55gGxYLm34_T6PKDifWqJKeer90HmBM3c-SbKfaB93RwKoaIHIZrPUq_fmOgO5nLw7yTfpdS3Navigator - Through years of experience in the navy the man has adopted a new skill in navigating both on land and sea.





Fair of hair with lightly tanned skin as befitting someone who hails from the Island Kingdom of Kul tiras. Haytham embodies and resembles his father more so than the rest of his brothers, with his viridescent coloured eyes representing his nationality and his masculine strong facial structure, symmetrical and square with a heavy brow, stout nose and a strong jaw line, with said face still bearing somewhat youthful looks. His visage in question shows little to none marks of combat, perhaps a show of caution. From these minor scars one would be able to tell that he is indeed no stranger to combat. An attractive man, one would say.


Like his father and brothers, he stands somewhat around the six foot mark with an athletic build, one that resembles a soldier yet carries a soldier’s presence. He walks as one would expect a soldier would, stern and straight-backed - some may mistake this for uptightness. When spoken to, his voice would sound rather appealing and carry a sense of discipline with a slight hint of sophistication with it. A merit from his time spent in the navy.


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39 minutes ago, Intoxicated said:

Lol Kendrick bitch, you’re gonna die on this island.

Thistletons Rule.

come at me baldilocks ill fuckin kill u rn

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On 7/14/2018 at 9:17 PM, Intoxicated said:

Lol Kendrick bitch, you’re gonna die on this island.

Thistletons Rule.


On 7/14/2018 at 9:57 PM, Scorpio said:

come at me baldilocks ill fuckin kill u rn


Well this looks a bit silly now

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