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Medkit FAQ

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Because none of this is explained anywhere, learn from my mistakes.

How does it work?
You use 2 essence and a [Medical Tools] to cast it on someone. They then have to stand within range of you for 40 minutes.

Can I wander off?
No you cancel it all, get nothing back and it sucks. I learned this the hard way.

Can you do it for free?
Not really it costs resources.

What's an essence?
Stuff that comes back randomly, but at least once every 4 hours.

Should I get Surgery?
Up to you, but you can wipe fatal wounds in 6 hours on a bedroll, which is only 5:20 more than surgery. It's usually not worth the cost unless you're desperate.

I keep dying halp?
Avoid tall grass, stop leaving safe zones, travel in numbers, etc.

What happens if combat?
Also if you enter combat, even to heal, it cancels the Surgery buff. My dumbass learned that the hard way too.

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