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A Warrior's Beginner Guide.

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Getting started in a semi complicated RPG like this amongst veterans who have both more knowledge and stronger seems daunting.

However, I wish to offer a few pointers for newbies, even crafters to be useful in fights which involves more than themselves.

We'll use two reference points.
The equipment guide and the ability guide.



Do not be fooled by the vague text. The text all has meaning. Today we'll bring in two abilities that will be the core of your character, being the most efficient and helpful currently available.

Abilities like Bludgeon which has a high percentage number has the text "Melee Action Check"  before hand. This indicates that it will use your highest attack stat (Strength or Dex) with your weapon being irrelevant to the damage equation. This means it rewards higher stats, making it useless for a beginner character.

Therefore your core attack ability must be chosen on the Abilities which uses the term "Weapon Damage". 

"Basic Attack (14) (Martial) 
Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 100% as Physical Damage "
This is a standard ability that everyone has from the get-go and will serve as a fine entry point for DPS. 100% weapon damage. While this doesn't sound like much, it is significantly higher amounts than say Bludgeon.

The key thing to note for Basic Attack is that it costs 14. 

Your first ability should thus be "Battle Cry" 
Battle Cry (6) Ranged (Tactical) 
Party Buff, Increases Physical Damage done by 3.5% and Critical Strike Chance by 1% for all members of your party, this effect stacks to a maximum of 10- lasts for 8 Rounds

The damage increase and critical chance increase will be a significant boon to your friends who has played for longer. This also costs 6. Your standard energy gain a turn is 10, thus you will have 4 remaining after casting Battle Cry, allowing you to on your second turn strike your opponent with a Basic Attack. (Assuming you are engaged to your target)

This pattern of repeat will ensure you do a fair amount of damage and buff your friends.

So let's talk about why Weapon Damage is so important. Common Weapons have high base damage. A two handed sword for example has the stats "Common - Claymore(2-Handed Sword) - 15-75, 10% Crit, Strength Scale 5.0" which means it does between 15-75 damage plus your strength times five. So if you have 2 strength you do minimum 25 and at maximum 85. The more rare the weapon the less base damage and the more stat scale. The "Uncommon - Barbarian Blade(2-Handed Sword) - 15-45, 0% Crit, Strength Scale 12.0" would on a 2 strength character therefore at minimum do 39 and a maximum 69 damage. While more relaible it is also potentially lower. 

As you can clearly tell your stats will benefit you greatly later on but initially they don't mean as much for a warrior.

Feel free to experiment, just make sure you properly consult the threads so you understand the full meaning of an ability.



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What? Bludgeon being bad for lower statted characters because of it's damage and only rewards high statted characters? Alright lets start this off.

Bludgeon (16) (Martial) 
Target Attack, Melee Action Check * 800% as Physical Damage

Melee Action Check is (2d5) + STR/DEX[Whichever is higher] - LOOK AT THE FORMULA IT'S VERY IMPORTANT LATER ON

Average Dice Roller
2    4.00    
3    8.00    
4    12.00    
5    16.00    
6    20.00    
7    16.00    
8    12.00    
9    8.00    
10    4.00

So on average, you'll roll a 5 - 7, but we'll take 6 in this case. At 2 STR, your average damage of a Bludgeon is 64, which is a lot higher than the average damage of a Common TWO hander basic attack. Seems to me on a raw Damage comparison, Bludgeon is better.

But you're not taking into account for many other different aspect too! Like the person with Bludgeon's weapon.
Common - Warden’s Staff(Staff) - 5-45, 0% Crit - Reduces Incoming Damage by 7%
Common - Fighter’s Staff(Staff) - 10-20, 4% Crit, Dexterity Scale 4.0, Strength Scale 5.0 -Increases Physical Damage by 10%

Warden Staff reduces damage and Fighter's will increase damage. Hey lets grab fighter since we're comparing damage. 10% of 64 is 6.4 added together and rounding, you get 70 AVERAGE damage. Still a lot higher than that common two hander using Claymore at 2 Str who's average damage on a basic attack is 55. But lets say he uses Heroic strike instead of Basic. At a whopping 2 STR, he's dealing 57 Damage

Bludgeon is not bad because of it's damage doesn't help low STR/DEX character it's INEFFICIENT (No ability is bad, they all have uses in some aspect or another) because of it's high energy cost which require at least 4 ING to make use of effectively whiel Basic can be used effectively with 0 ING. Cause if you just wanted to the damage, 

You're not taking into account of many aspect of the fight and the players themselves. Beginning Armor, as well as their character's Theme. I don't like the "most effective build X Class Build guide" because it doesn't fit with some character's theme. What if we have a pugilist type of character? Bludgeon would be a great ability for him, but you just told this guy it's bad and he shouldn't waste time. Reason why I like sitting down with players and asking them on a one on one to see what they envision their character as and helping them out that way. Cause overall this Guide is very misleading. A guide on mechanics would be better served than one for Warriors.

Oh remember the formula? You start off with a base of 2d5 average 6 at 20%. 6 * 8 = 48 Damage. Even with 0 STR/0 DEX you can do some decent damage with Bludgeon.

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Indeed. Bludgeon is a fine medium DPS ability.

However my suggestion is mostly revolved around acquiring Battle Cry to use it every other turn. If you wish to replace Basic Attack with Bludgeon you're more than welcome as it'd still work. 

It's all about experimentation and finding your niche and your suggestions are indeed very good options if you don't simply want to be a two hander slammer. 

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