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When you're lagging the RPG system allows others to hit you, but your actions aren't registered

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So this happened to me today and nearly got me killed against another player. I could see the combat, I could get hit, but I could not use spells myself.

Macros, book, nothing worked. You can see I lost 2 turns due to the lag, literally nothing worked. Then I got dced and managed to fight back. Is there.... any way to make this more lag friendly? Normally when you're lagging the game still takes your actions into account but with a delay. With the RPG system it pretends you're doing nothing.




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The RPG requires input the same way that chat does. So the ping is your life line. I suggest adding a lag mode that you can initiate at any point during the fight so long as others also click their lag mode option, which would extend turn time limits significantly or outright remove the limit for the duration of the fight. Mobs of course would automatically opt in if the player does. Of course someone could exploit this system by pausing on their turn indefinitely if they're in over their head and wait for a friend to come save them from gravy against a mob, but that can be policed by extra diligence rather easily.

edit: This does require the other player to be not a doucher and opt in if you're experiencing lag, but I hope they would, especially if they're found to be exploiting your lag intentionally to get an upper hand since I would consider that on the level of meta or powergaming since it takes advantage of out of game things to get an unfair advantage.

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