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2.8.4 Patch and Launcher Update!

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As we move forward with setting up player architecture, map changes, and additions of items and NPCs, a rapid method of client-side changes need to be made!


The talented Varen built a Launcher for us, which is the platform we'll be using to push all our future patches and validate client integrity.


All new and old players should download the launcher, here: https://mega.nz/#!dtc0mQxA!4M2ct8LQwW3Xj7UiPGAwXaojwZosA5CQgD4JQbYUyRY


Simply extract it into your game folder and use the USAutoPatcher File! It will clear your cache and set you to the baseline 'Unknown Shores Super Patch', which, at the moment is version 2.8.4! You can launch the 64bit version of the client from the Launcher and all future game updates will be run through this Launcher! So download, update, and be ready to play on the new patch!


For further information, please see the first post in the CONNECTION GUIDE


If you wish to retain your player 'config' settings, make a copy of your WTF folder. After the game 'patches' with the auto patcher, replace the new WTF folder with your old one.

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