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Silver Eye's arena tournament

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When: Sunday 10 June, 6PM Server Time

Who: Anyone willing to fight and pay 10 silver for the entry

What: Arena Tournament in Silver Eye's fighting pit, one on one

How to join ( OOC ): PM AlexV in the discord or on the forum, come to the tourney with 10 silver. Food is allowed and you may come with whatever equipment you would like, but any outside help is strictly prohibited.


The Fighting Pits open once more!

Two weeks after the first tourney in many months, the Silver Eye higher-ups have come together to organise yet another bout between those daring enough to risk flesh and blood on the sands. This time, the reward is even more valuable, as the Gilnean, Silas Wakefield, puts his title of champion on the line.

Will another raise to claim it? Will the human maintain his position?



The big winner gets all entry money, as well as:

Choice A


Onyx Claymore ( Barbarian Blade(2-Handed Sword) - 15-45, 0% Crit, Strength Scale 12.0 )  or

Hellfire War Spear ( Halberd(Polearm) - 30-50, 4% Crit, Dexterity Scale 10.0 ) or

Inlaid Gun ( Uncommon - Gunslinger’s Long Pistol (Gun) - 10-20, 2% Crit, Dexterity Scale 8.0 ) or

Glyphtrace Ritual Knife ( Runeblade Dagger(Dagger) - 10-20, 4% Crit, Willpower Scale 3.0 - Increases Outgoing Healing and Damage by 4% ) or

Strapped Heater Shield ( Buckler(Shield) - 5-10 , 12% Crit, Strength Scale 1.5 - Increases Dodge Rating by 1, Increases Dodge Mitigation by 2.5, Requires 4 Strength )


Rune of Anger or Rune of Sorcery or Rune of Benevolence or Rune of Revenge or Rune of Ferocity


Choice B

300 silver + 30 gems

Runner-up gets:

Choice A:

Alimony ( Broadsword (1-Handed Sword) - 0-5, 6% Crit, Strength Scale 10.0 ) OR

Dagger Of the Ides ( Wicked Kris(Dagger) - 0-5, 6% Crit, Dexterity Scale 10.0 ) OR

Mechano-Wand ( Stylus of the Magi(Wand) - 10-20, 6% Crit, Willpower Scale 5.0 - Increases Outgoing Magic Damage by 5% )


Small rune of Anger/Sorcery/Benevolence/Revenge/Ferocity

Choice B:

250 Silver + 20 gems



Furthermore, Silver Eye announces that there will be a 2v2 arena tournament in two weeks' time. Entries can be submitted to Shinkle Goldspritz, with a payment of 25 silver per team. Naturally, the rewards shall be appropriately higher...

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