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Unknown Shores, A Lore Primer

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  • Where are we? Unknown Shores is set on Azeroth, in a place called the Doldrums. Similar to how Pandaria was enshrouded by mist for many thousands of years, the Doldrums, too, are veiled from the rest of Azeroth, but not by the will of a great Emperor. The shadows which are tethered to the Doldrums are an ancient, clandestine force.
  • When are we? The server launched on May 11, 2018, at year 28 after the first war. Deathwing had just emerged from Deepholme and shaken Azeroth to its core with the cataclysmic effect of the Shattering.
    We've kept a 1:1 days ratio ever since, so the current IC date will roughly be equal to the closest patch corresponds to this.
  • Why are we? With the tremendously destructive effects of the Shattering, ships were destroyed, Zeppelins grounded, and magical transport has gone awry. Where once, only the occasional few lost travelers or islands were absorbed into the ever-expanding mass that is the Doldrums. The Shattering has made it effective enmasse; more people than ever before have been pulled into these ancient lands.
  • What is here? The Doldrums are made up of a great many sets of islands, seven of which will be available to players on launch. Listed in no particular order, they are, Opej’Nor, Silver-Eye Island, Sotoras, Kolai Isle, Black Finger, Isle of Menhirs, and The Last Battleground.



Opej’Nor was a large landmass that had shaken loose from Azeroth and soaked into the Doldrums almost at the same time as the average player. Named for the Orc who founded the island during the Northrend Campaign, it is a resource rich, tropical island untouched by mortal hands. It’s beauty has diminished with the scattering debris that was tossed skyward and than fell where Deathwing emerged amidst the Shattering. 

The island is populated by various wildlife, elementals, and a rush of others around the Doldrums, hoping to capitalize on the resource rich territory.

Opej'Nor is currently the 'main hub' Island. The Port of Haven, a common arrival point for man these days is located there. Along with Grom'Goshar and Port Drustgarde(Currently owned by the People of Sotoras.)

Silver-Eye Island

Silver-Eye Island, the current ‘hub’ of the Doldrums was once an important shipping port to goblins of Kezan. However, during the Second War and simultaneous rise of zeppelin popularity., the island fell into disuse and in the midst of their declining prosperity, Silver-Eye Island was dragged into the Doldrums. Since it’s shift, the island found itself acting as a trading port for those that had arisen in the Doldrums, most notably the people of Sotoras and the mysterious travelers from Black Finger and Isle of Menhirs. The island is ruled now by the Silverscale Company, owned and operated by Boss Hendel Silverscale, the last holdouts of the cartels on the island.  They employee their enforcers- the Gorgeous Boys, lead by Henry the Gorgeous, to keep anyone from rising up and interfering with their reign.

More recently, exiles from Kolai Island and survivors from Sotoras haven taken up refuge on the island, crowding in with the other refugees of the Shattering- making tensions rise.

Silver-Eye Island is currently under the control of a group of Black Drakes and whelps, led by a massive Black Dragon. They destroyed the settlement and most of the Gorgeous Boys and Silver-Scale.


Sotoras, a colony of Kul Tiras, was a small and budding territory South of the Maelstrom, established over a hundred years ago. Temperate and heavily wooded, Sotoras was somewhat on the fringes of the Kingdom. It enjoyed relative prosperity until the years before the First War, when it was struck by a great hurricane which ruined much of the island and cast it into the Doldrums. Isolated from Kul Tiras and much of civilization as a whole, Sotoras saw a heavy downturn over the recently crowned ruler- Lord Beauregard Springfield II. Lord Springfield II, an altogether respectable man, was not a very innovative man and was rather reclusive, not doing well to inspire the worried people of Sotoras which saw steady decline until they soundly found themselves with new neighbors- the people of Silver-Eye Island.

When the Shattering came and the Doldrums once again swelled, much of what they had built was destroyed and worse, something unthinkable happened. Lord Springfield II attacked his own people. Survivors say he emerged from the keep with his guard and court wizard, a wicked blade in hand as cannons fired on the township- killing everyone and raising them as undead.

The daughter of the Lord, Lady Abigaile Springfield along with many survivors and personal guard fled the island in one of the few ships, retreating to Silver-Eye Island where they now lay in shock over what happened.

Sotoras remains cold, dark, and lingering with the dead.

Kolai Isle

Kolai Isle, a brutal home to members of the Razorbranch Tribe, it is a tropical paradise with long sandy beaches and plentiful resources. The Razorbranch, lead by Chief Urdo, were brutal raiders  of the South Seas. Intensely xenophobic and cannibalistic, the Trolls of Kolai island didn’t deal in slaves nor gold, their focus on utter control and domination. With a small fleet of ships and many hardened warriors, they went unchecked for decades.

When the Shattering came, Kolai Isle was split in half, much of their sacred temple falling beneath the sea as the island was dragged into the Doldrums. Over seventy percent of their population perished and most of their ships were destroyed. The devastation rattled the social structure of the island to a core, convincing Chief Urdo to move for a more diplomatic effort with his newfound neighbors in the Doldrums. The rapid change was followed by some, but one of the leaders of the raiding parties, Sal’do the Clever was incensed by the idea of abandoning tradition and staged an uprising against Chief Urdo- eventually driving him and his supporters to Silver-Eye Island.

Chief Sal’do the Clever now reigns over the ruined Kolai Isle, trying to rebuild what once was.

Black Finger

Black Finger, the dreaded dark citadel that casts a long shadow across the Doldrums. The stony peak loomed, both enigmatic and foreboding with the shadow cast upon the mainland, capped and twisted. Metal points and a wicked castle did not lend itself to and obvious route accessing the central fortress. With only one obvious place to find ground, a simple beach and dock that lingers near the base of the towering rocky cliffs, a ruined ship and pier hung upon the beach, the debris of many dead adventurers who came to this place seemed to only promote the island’s vacancy. From the beach, a winding path reaches to an aged camp, looking like a holdout for slavers or worse- cages and twisted metal pushed forward onto a platform, reaching out to the citadel.

No one knows who lives on Black Finger, but many choose to avoid asking the question.

Isle of Menhirs

Isle of Menhirs, a temperate home to ancient ruins and curious travelers. Few settle in these aged grounds, most describing the place as both eerie and beautiful before ultimately moving on. Much of the ruins are distinctly elven, harkening back to the days of the Highborne, with immaculate architexture long reduced to rubble, ruined infrastructure, and signs of icons beth druidic and arcane. The exact history has long since been lost to time, but almost everyone in the Doldrums remembers the Isle of Menhirs being there, always a mystery with stories of elves, demons, and worse lingering about the grounds.


Menhirs is home to Tordala, a small settlement of various races. Mainly Elves and Draenei. It is currently considered one of the safest islands in the doldrums, as safe as one can be, anyways.

Last Battleground

The Last Battleground, a previously unnamed island mass in the Doldrums, there was little here for anyone to take notice of. Sandy beaches and rocks, it was unlikely to see much interest until the recent events of the Shattering. With so many people dragged into the clutches of the Doldrums, the now named Last Battleground was suddenly made the home of a few surviving Alliance and Horde ships. With much of their supplies gone and no other place to go, the two surviving forces eventually discovered they weren’t alone and after some efforts of diplomacy fell through, the two small armies went to war.

The island has been picked over since, most of the reports are grim, calling it none but a graveyard.

Recently, a the large, dormant, volcano on the island erupted. It has been spewing ash into the air and slowly consuming the Last Battleground with lava.


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