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Architect Object Tutorial

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If you didn't hear, the Architect system is now live on Unknown Shores!

The following patch notes were posted in Discord:



##### 2.8.0 #####
New RPG Objects System
Rumour has it that drafting tables have been set up on Silver-Eye and Menhirs and that skillful Architects can make all manner of objects from tents and walls to tables and chairs to candles and books! Build from our library of 161 objects, which will continue to be expanded upon as we go.

You may pick up any objects which have the appropriate permissions using the "Backpack" item you received earlier, just stand really close to them!

There is a zero tolerance policy for abuse of the building system, inappropriate placements will be removed and the owner's fined or otherwise punished, don't clutter the world!


But Kit, how do I get started?

A fine question! Guess what, you can get started right now! If you go to the Bag Vendor near the Silver Eye docks, he's more than willing to unload a free Backpack onto you. This backpack is useful, but not relevant to getting started. I just wanted to make sure you had it before I start spouting off nonsense. Trust me, it's important later.


Okay, I got my stupid backpack! Now what?

Now you're going to locate your Basic Architect Table. They've been scattered across the Doldrums. There is -not- a vendor for becoming an Architect. All you have to do is go to the table and craft your first item. From this menu, you can click on 'Preview Object' to see a small version of the object you're about to craft. As long as you have the materials, productivity, and you don't have a global crafting cooldown, hit Craft and it will create a Crate in your inventory. 


There's a crate in my Ooze Covered Bag. My immersion?

Yeah, deal with it. So once you click on the crate, you will see general info about the crate's contents. In this case, a Cotton Cot that weighs 1lb. So much for immersion. But at least you can click 'Begin Placing' and here's where the fun starts. Starting right in front of your location, you are able to maneuver your item left, right, backward forward, up, and down to your heart's desire. Or at least to the Council's hearts' desire, since if you place things to abuse the system, break maps, or otherwise just uncool stuff they'll probably delete it and punish you in some way. BUT BACK ON TOPIC! 


During placement, your item made disappear due to a timeout. That's okay, you can click to move it and it will reappear. As you can probably imagine, the .1 options make it easier to finetune where you want objects and the Rotation is used by facing your character in the direction you want to turn the object. With some finagling, you could be building you're own lookout in no time. (Not kidding, some people already have!)
Once your object is placed, you'll have the options of manipulation settings. Currently, there are only two settings: Public or Private. Setting the item as Public allows any Dora to come skipping along and manipulate/pick up your object. So be certain you choose the proper option you want.
How do I pick up objects?
This is where your handy dandy BACKPACK comes in! When you click on your backpack, a list of items nearby that are available to be picked up by you will be listed. The closest object is listed first and so on. When you use your backpack to pick up an item, it will be dropped into your inventory as a Crate to be placed. 

Will there be more objects in the future?

YES! Keep in mind that not all of the available objects can be accessed from the back crafting table and the higher tier have many more items to feel fancy. Still, we will be adding more over time. Feel free to submit object requests or ideas to the forum thread that is pending because I wrote this first. Any further feedback/questions are welcome on this thread, or feel free to ask any other Staff member about the new system. 
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