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The King of the Pit

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When: 27 - May - 2018, 1200 p.m. (EST)/0600 p.m. (Server Time)
Who: Anyone willing to put their pride on the line.

The King of the Pit

A chance for Glory


     With the influx of heroes and adventurers, a benefactor had a question in his mind. Who was the strongest? Who was the greatest?


Obviously a tournament with prizes to lure those hungry enough and those seeking glory. 

Rules? Restrictions?  No outside help. Just You, Your Equipment, and your Skills.

OOC: I want to see you people fight each other. I wanna see the Baddest Person Out There, I wanna see the chumps who thought they were cool, get smacked down.

Send me a DM through Discord to have your character Sign Up

1st Place - Mok'Nathal Battle Axe (Uncommon - Battleaxe(2-Handed Axe) - 15-75, 6% Crit, Strength Scale 7.0) OR Totemic Staff (Uncommon - Stalwart Staff(Staff) - 10-20, 0% Crit - Increases Dodge Rating by 5, Increases Dodge Mitigation by .5) OR Retainer's Blade (Uncommon - Wicked Kris(Dagger) - 0-5, 6% Crit, Dexterity Scale 10.0) / A lesser Sigil Attached / 175 Silver OR 60 Glimmering Gems

2nd Place - Valient Sword (Uncommon - Broadsword (1-Handed Sword) - 0-5, 6% Crit, Strength Scale 10.0) OR Oreknuckle Gun (Uncommon - Gunslinger’s Long Pistol (Gun) - 10-20, 2% Crit, Dexterity Scale 8.0) OR Shield of Control (Uncommon - Buckler(Shield) - 5-10 , 12% Crit, Strength Scale 1.5 - Increases Dodge Rating by 1, Increases Dodge Mitigation by 2.5, Requires 4 Strength) / 150 Silver or 45 Glimmering Gems

3rd Place - 100 SIlver or 30 GLimmering Gems


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