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Druids and their situation

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Hello I have played a Druid since I joined the server when it launched, I have tried a variety of builds to find solutions to the problems they seem to face.


The Problem

Due to Druids being identified as a "jack of all trades" class, they have suffered at ever matching the potential of the other classes. For example, a Druid with the same stats as a bear would lose to a warrior, a saber with a rogue, a moonkin with a mage, and a treant with a priest. In all cases the Druid falls short.

This would be acceptable IF the Druid specced himself as a jack of all trades, however that is not the case. Generally, the Druid would choose one specialisation between Feral, Guardian, Balance and Restoration. In these cases you would expect the Druid to then be equal in power to the other classes however they still are not. Despite sacrificing the versatility they naturally possess they still lack the power of the other classes leaving them underwhelming and under powered.


To contextualise my argument I'll use my own character, Drust, originally I had spread my stats out equally, attempting to fully encapsulate the "jack of all trades" roll. Some in strength, some in dex, some in will and so on. This left me with an unworkable mess. I quickly realised I would have to specialise to compete, which I was happy to do. So I went with feral and dedicated my talents and so on all towards strength and melee combat potential, dropping my heal ability and so on.


I still found he came out worse than the other melee classes. Admittedly, I refused to break character and select abilities and weapons that a Druid wouldn't be using. However I'm certain you'd agree that a lore abiding character following the class fantasy have a right to be viable in the rpg system. It is in the name role playing game after all. So my build went as follows, mangle (the one and only druid melee spell), followed by bludgeon. The reason for bludgeon was that it was the only high impact direct damage spell that did not base itself off of weapon damage and instead a melee action check.


Despite being a melee character, I could not make use of most of the melee abilities. The generic attacks were off limits as all of the staves had a grand total of 10-20 damage, so were many hard hitting attacks such as obliterate or overpower.


The Possible Solutions

A quick and easy fix could be to introduce staff weapon tokens which have damage and stats to rival the other melee weapons in the game, though it may not make the most sense.


Another solution could be to introduce claw weapon tokens, giving strength and dex based druids the opportunity to lore accurately use their abilities while in the respective forms, but this could take a lot of work that could be spent on frankly better things.


You could also introduce a wider range of abilities that make use of the melee action check, with a variety of applications to match that of the others.


The forms themselves could be overhauled, providing different benefits and drawbacks to better balance them with the other classes, but I do not have suggestions for it.



As I have only specialised into a combat melee Druid, I can't speak for restos or moonkin, but as it stands if a Druid wishes to maintain the class fantasy and avoid breaking character they are at a disadvantage in all aspects, most melee abilities are cut off from use, the abilities they do have are low impact and often require the druid to do nothing every other turn, and what they do have falls short of what their equivalent classes have. They're in dire need of a look over, just as much as the rogue class. I think I had more to say, but at this time it's left me. Thanks for reading.


If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in this thread. I'd rather you have actual experience with the class before claiming things though.

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At the moment, we have support weapons for druids in both the staff and fist weapons section. Are you looking to have a weapon focused less on increasing physical damage and more on dealing raw damage?

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Yeah essentially, very low damage ranges with a +10% physical increase is great for abilities with melee action checks but it also can lock you out of using most of the martial abilities effectively. One thing i'd like to see is more build variance for feral druids, but that's only possible with higher damage druid weapons

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