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Caveat Emptor

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Once we were nothing but simple merchants, but now we have grown into our own.
We are the force that keeps those adrift in the Doldrums together.
We stand together, we fall together.

We keep the wheels in motion.
<The Operatives>
"Company of Mercenaries Proceeding into the Doldrums"

In Summary

The organization formerly as the Caveat Emptor is one that sets itself upon its own moral ground, one of more than simple trade of commodities. They are now known as The Operatives, a group of highly-skilled mercenaries that work for coin. The political game between the various factions in the Doldrums perhaps might be tougher waters to navigate than the waters themselves. The Operatives exist as a balancing force between the factions, to provide a true medium between all.

A Brief History

From the moment that Vincent Dumas lost his trading vessel and all the supplies on it, he knew he'd have to crawl back to his position from nothing. Thus he founded the Caveat Emptor, a name which derives from an old family saying. From there, he went on to recruit many of the lost souls on the Doldrums. Those with no true ties to factions, as old hatreds did one no good on the deadly islands. Through blood, sweat, and tears, they rose to their position as they have today. After many struggles at maintaining a headquarters on Silver-Eye, they eventually settled on Opej'Nor, the island that could be considered the hub for those looking to venture out into the wilds for the first time. Founded on the remains of The Dauntless, a ship that had crashed some time ago. Port Sabela was once their home.

Since then, the organization fell upon harsher times, in which they sold their port and refounded themselves as a company of skilled and powerful individuals known as The Operatives. What is in store next for them, perhaps you might find yourself part of their ranks.

Ranking Structure

Our general ranks are as follows;

Cognoscenti - The chosen title of the leader of The Operatives, Vincent Dumas.
Operator - An advisory and officer role. Those who are extremely skilled and dedicated to advancing the position of the group are given this role.
Agent - Longstanding members of the company. Those with specific goals in mind and those who have a vested interest in specific campaigns going on in the Doldrums.
Personnel - General mercenaries who take on work for the company.
Associate - Interns, new recruits, people who have just washed up, all who seek to prove themselves to the company must go through a short screening process which may involve a display of skill.

Recruitment Restrictions

The success of The Operatives depends heavily on its effort to effectively utilize the talents of all qualified people. Therefore, The Operatives prohibit employment decisions based on race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, parental status, veteran status, military discharge status, citizenship status or source of income or any other protected status. All employment decisions are based on individual merit, qualifications and competence as they relate to a particular position.

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Just now, Prosopagnosia said:

Pledge. That's what I say, right?


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Caviar Emperor.. Sounds interesting, I pledge myself. (For the sake of personal profits, of course)

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This guild is approved, contact Vrahn or another staff member to have it created in-game.

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A message is pinned on multiple noticeboards around the islands.

A notice to all denizens of the Doldrums; The Caveat Emptor Mercantile Consortium is now offering the following services for all individuals who inhabit the lands such as Menhirs, Silver-Eye Isle and the surrounding locales;

- Bounty / Contract Kill Intermediary -

As a service to those on the island who have a bone to pick or have been wronged with no other course of action. The Caveat Emptor will be accepting bounty submissions. We will handle the posting, payout and confirmation of completion as well as guarantee secrecy to your listings on our Contract Board. Contracts will be displayed on all noticeboards in the surrounding isles, including those held by The Adventurer's Guild.

- Courier / Postal Service -

The Caveat Emptor now offers Parcel and Postal delivery, sending messages for the low rate of 5 silver and only charging a modest 10 silver per parcel when delivering bulk or material cargo. Insurance available for high-value jobs as well as confidentiality clauses. Transactions will deal in all materials and now offer delivery services for purchases made with the Consortium.


A small note penned in big block letters is added as an addendum on this parchment.


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Some company restructuring has occurred. Also, check out beautiful Port Sabela.


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Guild went through some changes to suit the current IC situation. Check out the first post if you are interested!

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