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Found 1 result

  1. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Theme: His name will not die. His sacrifice will always serve to show the way. Shackles once that chocked the inhale of honor's breath no longer bind us. Can you hear his scream? A battle wail for the Horde: Victory or death! We must remember his strength in the face of death. His dream, now made real. Dangers everywhere! Enemies seek to bring us back to the shackles. When we fight, think of he who did what must be done. Hellscream, forever! Background: Grom'goshar, once a warband of The Warsong Clan long ago, now exists to put the Hordes interests in mind in these strange new lands. With the lands ripe for the taking, the Horde must strengthen their position, before other foes move in upon them. Clues and long forgotten reminders of the past lay strewn around the Doldrums, reminding those of the Horde that their hardships are far from over. Taking upon the symbol of the roaring teeth of the Warsong, they work to secure land and shelter for their people. Lead by Dragor Bloodfury, a proud and patriotic warrior of the Warsong Clan, Grom'goshar hopes to resurface in the Doldrums, and seize glory for all. Though scattered, soon enough those faithful to the Horde will come to the banner of Grom'goshar. Together, they stand united, but alone they are broken. Sheep for the wolves. Though Grom'goshar ushers in the promise of glory and conquest, they remember their people and their culture. It is important for them to remember their link to the elements, now more than ever in light of the Destroyers desecration of the elemental planes. Unified, they will secure themselves as a testament to the Hordes persistence and determination, even in the face of great peril. And when all is dark and seems lost? They will remember the lessons of Hellscream, and do what must be done! Culture: Grom'goshar, having originated from the Warsong Clan, prides itself upon the teachings of Grommash Hellscream, and the example he made for the Horde during their darkest days. Strength, perseverance, the will to do what must be done. These qualities are what makes a member of Grom'goshar. Though they pride themselves on ferocity and might in the battlefield, they do well to remember the teachings of the ancestors. Often will Grom'goshar revere the wolf spirit, Lo'Gosh, to grant them the might of the wolf in glorious combat, and respect the might of the animals they hunt. New blood are always expected to prove themselves in combat, the hunting of a great beast with known strength. Should the new blood die, then they prove themselves unworthy of taking the mantle of a proud servant of the Horde. If they succeed, they will be granted the chance to join in the blood and glory of the Horde on the Doldrums! The Elements, once a force the orcs foolishly abandoned, are now in more aid than ever. Grom'goshar understands the vitality of maintaining a connection with the Elements, and perhaps aiding in the healing of the rampant on the isles of the Doldrums. Additionally, Grom'goshar understand the importance of their people, pertaining to their goals of establishing a settlement for the Horde to endure on the Doldrums. This means together, unity in strength is what matters, and that each member of the Horde, no matter what race, pulls together. If the battle goes ill, and all becomes dark, they must rely on each other to ferry themselves through the darkness and into the light that is a glorious victory. Though weakness is frowned upon within the Warsong, Grom'goshar understands that there are those that need protecting, and must be aided in order to survive. One life for the Horde, no matter how small, can make a difference. Grom'goshar Heirarchy: Warleader - The undisputed commander of Grom'goshar. The Warleader directs all operations performed by the warband, and upholds the honor and dignity of the group and its members. It is his duty to carry out the goals of the group, for the glory of the Horde. Adviser - The wise council of the Warleader. His voice of reasoning and calm when tensions are high, as well as one who aids in overseeing important tasks for the warband. In addition, the adviser may serve as a diplomatic figure between Grom'goshar and other respective groups. Packleader - Second in command on the field of battle on behalf of the Warleader. The Packleader will often be tasked with training and leading warriors into battle when the Warleader is not present, or if the warband must split forces to fight elsewhere. The Packleader also aids in the strategic planning of Grom'goshar, and council the Warleader on military matters. Mystic/Grunt/Scout - The bulk of the warbands forces, comprised of a number of different paths. Warriors, scouts, shamans, all who serve the Warleader fall into this category. They will often be asked to aid the warband in securing and gathering resources, and carrying out war in the name of the warband if it is required. New-blood - The fresh recruits for Grom'goshar, taken from scattered individuals now found on the Isles of the Doldrums. They are given training to help prove their worth, and find their place among us, so that they may rise to stake a claim in the Hordes glory! Restrictions/Regulations: Due to being a Horde Guild, there are a few clear restrictions and regulations that must be followed by anyone wishing to join the guild. These are as followed: Horde Races - This is the obvious one. The main Horde races that we accept are Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Goblins, Blood Elves and Forsaken. Pandaren are a case by case, since MoP has not officially happened. Other races that may have affiliation with the Horde in other expansions (Highborne, Nightborne etc) are also a case by case basis. Warlocks/Death Knights/Dark Shamans - Due to the guild being forged around Warsong ideals, there is a strict policy regarding classes such as this. Whilst these classes may be accepted, they will be held under the highest level of scrutiny. Should these individuals cause any issues pertaining to their classes nature, then it will be dealt with in a matter fitting of the guild. Grom'goshar Roster: Dragor Bloodfury - Warleader Gruk Charrbone - Advisor Ragnara - Scout Kha'id - Grunt Kathrom Axesplinter - Grunt Zorku - Mystic Gratha - New-Blood Rokk - New-Blood Cheroketah - New-Blood Nashashi - New-Blood Runok - New-Blood Morkash - New -Blood Evalith Suncrest - New-Blood Okrim Spinereaper - New-Blood Rok'thul - New-Blood Toraburu - New-Blood Oswald - New-Blood OOC: The main purpose of this group is to provide a different narrative to Unknown Shores, and help solidify the Horde as a faction within the server. Whilst Grom'goshar is Warsong/Orc oriented, they will accept anyone loyal to the Horde in order to increase their influence in the Doldrums. The guild will focus on an array of themes, such as conflict, culture and such. This guild will -NOT- be an excuse to gank others, and such matters will be handled delicately to provide RP rather than kill it. However, the general gist of Orcs should be remembered, and they are not the most peaceful race in certain circumstances. This is not a complete draft, but more so a chance to tell people that Horde RP is being emphasized, and anyone wishing to throw a pledge here is more than willing. We'll be getting some RP done soon, just waiting on others before jumping in! If anyone requires me, they can PM me on the discord to find out more info.